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The Fowler’s Snare: A Novel of Ancient Egypt

The Fowler’s Snare: A Novel of Ancient Egypt

Between the great powers of Egypt and her old foe Kush lies the kingdom of Alodia, a desert kingdom on the brink of revolt. As the Alodian King lies dying, a small task force crosses the Egyptian borders to find a cure.

When Egypt’s great commander hears of an Alodian army presence, he begins to amass his troops for war. But Pharaoh Kheper-Re has other plans. Determined the Alodians have arrived under false pretenses, he challenges their leader to a chariot race against a few of his best men.

Commander Shenq’s team are determined to win. But they must confront the harsh desert terrain and the obstacles it holds. With so much at stake, treachery and sorcery are once again in season as the kings of two rival kingdoms go head-to-head. It is a race that will cost the loser everything he holds dear.

“Superb story-telling that will keep you glued, in cinematic fashion, to the very last page.” B.A. Morton, Author of The Wildewood Chronicles.

“A very powerful and poetic piece of literature.” Karen Charlton, Author of The Heiress of Linn Hagh and Catching the Eagle

“Readers will be bound by the spell that C.M.T. Stibbe weaves from the very first page.” John Breeden II, Author of Old Number Seven More info →
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