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Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head
In The Magic of Murder, Susan Lynn Solomon let readers laugh at the antics of an albino cat and a witch. Now, in nine short tales she takes a serious look at relationships and their impact on characters who confront their pasts.

A young soldier returns, changed by his war. A young British girl faces the people of her town after parental abuse. An older man who as a teenager fled his hometown, returns when his childhood girlfriend begs a favor. A radical of the ’70s leaves the cemetery after her mother’s funeral, searching for where her life will lead.

In these stories and five others, Solomon explores the persistence of memory and the promise of hope.
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Just finished “Voices in my head “. Brava, Ms. Solomon! Thought I recognized some people and some names, some thoughts and some actions. Thoroughly enjoyed.

David Hoffman

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Length: 180
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ISBN: 1625263775
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