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Two Thousand Years

Two Thousand Years
"Women half Abigail’s age would envy her body - a body fitting a star athlete, a Hollywood actress, or a young lady desired by scandalous politicians. Her face showed depth of character, a result of more sorrow but also more joy than most of us could handle. And her hair. The breathtaking auburn curls remained, and though there may have been isolated streaks of gray throughout the voluminous strands, I found it impossible to not picture Christopher Dean playing with the curls in a café in Vienna, and Sergei Grinkov unknowingly causing pain, but more importantly comfort, as he caressed her hair after the attack by Ted Kennedy. And I couldn’t help but visualize John Kennedy’s jaw dropping to the floor when he saw her for the first time in so long, gorgeous in a purple dress, hair down though she so often wore it up. Some things I envisioned had occurred, others had not. But they were all unmistakably Abigail Phelps."

Abigail Phelps and John Kennedy Jr. weren't destined to live happily ever after. In this, the dramatic conclusion to the Abigail Phelps Series, we learn that there is something even better than a fairy tale ending. Sometimes it's better to have no ending at all.

"How do you know your heart is still beating? Do you have to see it or feel it to know? No, you just know. You know because you live. Well, Abby is my heart and I'm hers. We just know."


I've Loved These Days ~ Scenes From Highland Falls ~ Two Thousand Years
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Best Book Bit:

I can’t blame it on weakness or mental health (or lack thereof). I blame it fully on alcohol, the search for something more, and the bad boy charm of Hugh Grant. I didn’t sleep with him, but I came awfully close. I wanted to. After I finally rounded up enough willpower to leave him and go back to my room, I felt horrible – not because I would have to beg Colin to forgive me, but because part of me hoped that he wouldn’t be able to. I called George and told him everything, and I immediately told him the conclusion of my self-diagnosis.

“I intentionally sabotaged this relationship, George. What kind of person does that?” I cried.

He spoke gently and compassionately, but I could hear his smile. “All sorts of people do that. You knew you weren’t where you wanted to be, but you couldn’t bring yourself to admit that. Now, you have no choice but to admit it. Okay, so that is what it is. The question is, what do you do now?”

“Maybe that’s not really it. Maybe I do want to be with Colin, but I needed something like this to make me aware of it,” I said, grasping at straws once more, this time in the opposite direction. “Maybe I just needed a bad boy experience. I’ve never really had that before.”

“Christopher Dean’s not a bad boy?”

I laughed. “Christopher Dean is a brilliant, artistic ice dancer who isn’t afraid to wear purple!”

“Yes, but Christopher Dean also left his wedding party to go to your hotel room. That’s not exactly saintly behavior.”

“True, but I think an actual saint could only take so much of Isabelle Duchesnay. Besides,” I sniffed, “where Chris and I are concerned, rules don’t apply. So he doesn’t get bad boy cred for breaking them.”

“Okay,” George challenged, “if rules don’t apply, why haven’t you called him?”

“Maybe some rules apply,” I said quietly. George had been pushing me to call Chris ever since George and I reconciled and I filled him in on The Great Colorado Springs Christmas Debacle. “Besides, you are way off topic. I just cheated on the nicest man on the planet.”

Genres: Medium-length reads - 90 minutes to 4 hours, Romance, Teen Turf
Tags: Gold Bookworm, Traci Sanders
Length: 272
ISBN: 1500507849
“What’s another two thousand years?”

The title of my review is my favorite line from this book. It holds so much meaning to me after reading this entire series. First of all, this author has a two-thousand-year-old soul to be able to write such an incredible love story. It’s way ahead of its time with the enamoring feel of a Shakespearean classic.

Everything from book one and two was tied together nicely at the end of this one, in a way that was satisfying yet surreal at the same time. All the roles of the characters in Abby’s life are explained, as well as the significance of each event she described–whether real or not.

This book series was the ultimate escape love story for me. It had everything that I’ve loved from the time I was a little girl–ice skating, dancing, and a fairy-tale. I will definitely be checking into future works by this author!
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