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TheGoodReadWipe purports to be a brief history of LIT-TISSUE. Fred Nurk came up with the idea of printing books on toilet paper. It was a massive success – but unfortunately there was an equally massive downside to the venture. Of course it is fiction but maybe someone will try it.
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Tags: Blue Bookworm, Traci Sanders
Length: 86
I'm a sucker for a unique title, and this one definitely fit the bill. Then when I read the blurb--simple as it may be--I had to see how this story would unfold.

It did start out a bit slow as the main character Fred provided history on how he came up with the idea for the LIT_TISSUE, which was pretty funny--although a bit drawn out. But after that, it seemed to take on a steady, humorous pace. I found it interesting how the author wove little historical details about toileting habits of different countries into the plot, and the rejection letters for his "invention" were hilarious. They almost read like form, novel-rejection letters. I like how he wove Indie authors into the mix.

The idea of printing novels on toilet paper was a brilliant idea and I began wondering if the author of this book had written this story about his own endeavors with this. The details were quite realistic as the author described his climb to fame with one simply, "crappy" (pun totally intended) idea, and then his fall back to reality in the end.

Although the story is sprinkled with a few grammatical errors and dialogue-construction issues, the writing is witty and fun to read, and I particularly enjoyed how it ended. I would recommend it to anyone seeking a short, humorous story.
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