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The Red Coat

The Red Coat
One snowy night, fourteen year old Sophie Collins a homeless runaway, finds a beautiful red coat while rummaging through a dumpster. Little does she know that the coat and the mysterious object she found in the coat’s lining will drastically change her future and put her life in danger.
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The Red Coat. Gold bookworm. This was an amazing book! A homeless girl named Sophie found a red coat. A lady claimed the coat was hers and took it from Sophie. That night, she tried to kill Sophie. Sophie decided to investigate. This made me happy, interested, and excited to read this book. My favorite character is Sophie because she has determination and curiosity. My favorite part was when the will was being read because of the surprises it held. I would recommend this book to my friends. The Red Coat is one of my favorite books now. I think my friends would like the book as much as I do.
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