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The Olympus Project: The Phoenix Series (Book 1)

The Olympus Project: The Phoenix Series (Book 1)
A man rescued from a watery grave by strangers. Headhunted because of his particular skill set; that of a super efficient stone cold killer. This brand new series covers the activities of a secret organisation which recruited the man they have named 'The Phoenix' as they send their agents across the world removing anyone who poses a threat to political or economic stability.

We follow 'The Phoenix' as he exacts revenge and rights wrongs in his own inimitable style. Always a loner in the past, can he and his new colleagues work together as a team to prevent a terrorist cell from causing havoc in Central London?

"a protagonist that grabs and keeps the reader's interest"

"several notches above other books in its genre"

"fast-paced, back to back, page-turning action"

"dynamic characters, intricate plots, action-packed and sexy!"

"vigilante justice, secret organisation, crime thriller, action adventure, suspense, revenge, closure"
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About the Book
Tags: Anita Kovacevic, Blue Bookworm, Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Gold Bookworm
Length: 181
If you are into thrillers about current terrorist attacks and you are also hoping for some sense of justice gratified, The Olympus Project is definitely your kind of book. Well, book series, to be more precise. With fully developed histories for each character, the author introduces us to a secret organisation bringing punishment upon those who avoid the usual legal punishment. In an old-style elegance in narration and action, reminisicent at first of Roger Moore's James Bond movies, gaining pace and action as the plot develops, we are led beyond the scenes of hidden, condoned, imminent and past crimes, and we are offered gratification to know they will be wiped out from the face of the earth.

The thriller offers this enticing concept - vigilante organisation getting at those who elude the justice, sort of like the Avengers, minus the superhero stuff. Would YOU like to be drafted? However, where does one draw the line? Who decides what is right or not? I always wonder.

Here is a quote which drew my attention to the issue:

"The collateral damage is unavoidable. We have to think of the greater good." The greater good is the phrase that always creeps me out. The author does not dwell on this or preach; he provides a cool account of events, no mushy emotional stuff, simply intense action, plots and execution. As the interaction between characters deepens, you get lured into guessing what will happen with the mysterious Athena, how long Colin the Phoenix can keep his cool about her, as well as about the assasinations and missions he is sent on, no matter how well justified they seem.

The Olympus Project is bound to have its readers' following and I am glad there is an entire series available. Fans of secret agents, spy matters and action have a full meal served here.

When is a bad guy not really a bad guy? When he is Phoenix in Ted Tayler’s exciting book “The Olympus Project”. Tayler wastes no time in getting the action started in this high tech, guns blazing story of Colin Bailey. When I picked this book I didn’t realize Colin Bailey had made his initial appearance in an earlier Tayler book. This says a lot for “The Olympus Project” since it stands perfectly on its own. Tayler does a great job of giving Colin’s back story while weaving a tale of political intrigue, secret organizations, and romance.

From the moment Colin Bailey is saved from drowning the story moves forward fluidly. Each new character is introduced and developed cleverly. Colin is drawn into the secret organization, The Olympus Project, and is re-named Phoenix. This seems a particularly brilliant choice since the rest of the world does not know that Colin is still alive. He has in fact, been raised from the ashes of his past life to be reborn as a trained and efficient killing machine. These killings are assigned by the mysterious group of British gentlemen and one very sexy woman based on the evil doings of the targets. These targets have escaped more conventional methods of punishment so the Project steps forward to take out the trash. Over the years they have developed a trained group of operatives with the demand their work remain secret.

As Phoenix embarks on his assignments he perfects his already excellent skills and becomes a top champion of good versus evil. Using brilliant details and plans Tayler creates missions that are both exciting and believable. Underneath it all he generates a sexual tension between Phoenix and the emotionally wounded but very sensual Athena. Carrying painful baggage from her past she is reluctant to become involved with Phoenix but the desire increases and soon she has to admit what her fellow cabal members already know.

Using current issues of political and economic concern Tayler gives the story an intensely realistic feel. By the end of the book I was panting for more. I can’t wait to read the next installment. Tayler wisely leaves the reader with questions that demand answers. While I’m waiting for the sequel I plan to go back to Colin Bailey’s roots to learn more about what makes this fascinating character tick.
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