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The Oak: A Grown Up Fairy Tale

The Oak: A Grown Up Fairy Tale
On the outskirts of small French village lives Keitha Dubois, a beautiful young healer whose small cottage lies under the largest oak of the forest. Her quiet solitary life is filled with caring for the sick, and the everyday work of the age, with the occasional visits of good friends.

But this life is about to change.

The Huntsman. The Constable. The Stranger.

All vying for her love. Yet, who will she choose?

For one wants to possess her, one to protect her and one to love her forever.

Between passion, devotion, and obsession, the crusade to win her heart begins with The Oak.

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Keitha had finally become aware of their presence and pondered the situation as she observed them march away. “I wonder what nefarious plans those two are plotting now?”

As if on cue, a raven flew from the sky and began to softly kraa at her. Smiling, she listened intently. “I see. Well, if you could keep an eye on them, I would greatly appreciate it.”

The raven chortled a few more times, then flew off. Keitha continued to pluck the red fruit from the bush until she noticed the sun sinking lower in the sky. Sighing, she tightened the rope on her bag and began to trudge back to her small cottage under the oak. Laughing softly as her belly grumbled, she thought of the lovely jam in her pantry and how it would taste slathered over bread.

As she disappeared through the trees, the raven returned to its perch, and a great golden stag emerged from the brush. Following Keitha with its honey-colored eyes, the larger beast listened to the black corvid kraa softly. The raven then bowed and took flight, leaving the buck to disappear back into the forest.


Genres: Long reads - more than 4 hours, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Tag: Not Yet Reviewed
Length: 406
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