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The Greek Tapestry (Julie & Friends Book 2)

The Greek Tapestry (Julie & Friends Book 2)
During their childhood in Sydney, Maria and her older sister, Nicki, were friends with Dimity, the girl who lived across the street. They grew up together, spending many joyous afternoons in each other’s company. They loved creating art, and Dimity and Nicki, with a little help from Maria, came first in an art project at school with a tapestry they made by hand, which depicted island life in Greece. They always believed nothing would separate them — but would sadly find that nothing was a tall order. When Nicki and Maria’s parents uproot them to move to Greece, leaving Dimity behind, they discover that even the strongest friendships can disintegrate.

Now, almost twenty years later, each of them has their own life. Dimity lives in a designer house with her sexy husband, an industrial designer named Malcolm, and their two daughters. She loves Malcolm, but struggles to get along with his mother, and is tired of playing the accommodating wife. In need of change and inspiration, she sets off to Greece to see where an unplanned journey may take her.

Maria has both the career and the family, but still feels the need to prove herself to her mother. After her mother hides invitations to her cousin’s wedding in Greece from her, Maria is spurred into action. She is sick of her mother’s interference and heads to Greece in search of answers.

Nicki also has a successful career, but she and her husband, Marco, are unable to have what they really want — a child. This fills Nicki with constant sadness, and puts a lot of pressure on her relationship with Marco. Needing a change in life, she follows her sister to Greece, and stays in a peaceful, historic village outside the small city of Ioannina.

Will Greece fill Nicki’s heart with light and hope again?

As Maria, Nicki, and Dimity each try to untangle their complex lives, will they find their way home and weave their own beautiful reality?

The Greek Tapestry (Julie & Friends, Book 2) can be read as a standalone or as part of a series, following on from the delightful Eventually Julie (Julie & Friends, Book 1). In this latest book, it’s Maria’s turn to take centre stage Joining her are many exciting new characters, as well as some familiar and popular faces from Book 1.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to join the fun in magical Greece!

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The Greek Tourism Board should hire the author. From the sun and heat, to the ancient treasures, the art, the food, dancing, people, all the enticements of Greece are beautifully described. She created such a lovely and captivating vision of Greece, that I almost put the book down and bought my flight to Athens!

But, I’m glad I didn’t put the book down, because I enjoyed catching up with the familiar and new friends in the second book of the Julie and Friends series. (Please do read book 1 in the series, wonderful read, but if you haven’t read it, you will have no problem starting with book 2.)

The title of the book focuses on a tapestry and while there is a real tapestry in the book, the other meaning of tapestry, “an intricate or complex combination of things or sequence of events”, also holds true for this story. And one of the character’s names, Dimity, also relates to fabric. The book is well written- with a delightful group of characters, although at times it became a bit too complex of a tapestry for me to follow. But as she did in the first book, the author is able to blend her knowledge of human nature into a meaningful story.

The plot focuses on three young women, who are trying to find out who they are. They each have a particular concern, whether with their marriage, their mother, their desires, that makes each one yearn “to be the woman she loved being.” Each one on their own feels a call to visit Greece. As one character put it, it would enable her to put her life on pause. What will each discover during their odyssey?

Readers, put your own life on pause for a few hours so you can enjoy this pleasant read and discover the wonders of Greece and be inspired by the three women in this book. Recommend.
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