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The Cassandra Trigger

The Cassandra Trigger
In 2028, a working-class family of four struggles to survive after an economic collapse cripples our nation. Hopelessness, hunger and fear grips ordinary Americans, as an increasingly totalitarian government uses biometric surveillance and brutal enforcement to retain power and crush dissent.

The family’s small act of civil disobedience quickly evolves into a terrifying and violent encounter with federal agents, forcing them to leave everything behind and run for their lives. Desperately trying to evade the technology of tyranny, they are sheltered by compassionate strangers who are willing to risk everything to help them.

When their paths cross with a group of revolutionary computer hackers, they unknowingly become the catalyst for a long-simmering insurgency, which holds their fate…and the fate of our nation…in the balance.

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About the Book
Tags: Gold Bookworm, Jena C. Henry
Length: 274
ASIN: B01L07P6A0
When did you know America was over? Answer: September 11, 2024

Author Adrian Wylie is to be commended for creating an exciting drama- I was hooked form the start. I cheered on the heroes and cried at the end. This book would make a stunning movie or TV show.

The Cassandra Trigger is subtitled A realistic dystopian American revolution. Dystopian novels are concerned with problems about society and humanity. Authors write them to warn us to pay attention to our society and to be aware of how things can go from bad to worse without anyone realizing what has happened. Remember the story of the frog in the pot of water that is gradually heated to boiling? All of a sudden, the poor creature is cooked!

The Cassandra Trigger takes place about 12 years in the future, 2029. The U.N. and the U.S. Federal government control all the media and jobs and have abolished individual freedoms. Bud McFarlane and his family do their best to maintain a normal family life, and survive. They live day to day, scrounging for food and necessities.

America had been defeated without a fight, and was being occupied without resistance. If you are a regular reader of dystopian fiction, you will know that the end of freedom for the individual and the victory for the ruling government always comes about because guns and weapons are taken from the rank and file and prohibited. Word to the wise- the Second Amendment right to bear arms is crucial for the defense of individual liberties.

You are a good and honorable man, Bud McFarlane.Cassandra is indeed Answer: a good man. He served his country in the army and is doing his best to take care of his family and raise his children. When the government prepares to insert tracking chips in every child at school, the McFarland family decides to flee. They encounter harrowing, deadly forces before the final reckoning at the end of the book.

The strength of this book for me is that it is so realistic. This isn’t like some dystopian novels, with created worlds and special names for things. This is America, in the near future, with the Department of Defense and Homeland Security choking everyday freedoms. Great characters and engaging and entertaining scenes await the reader! My only small quibble is that in the copy I received to read, there are typos, and other editing errors. I still highly recommend this book.

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