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The Butterfly Collector

The Butterfly Collector
What happens when everything you have is not enough?

Restless property developer, Peter Calliet, meets Natalie, a sullen young artist at a party and an obsession begins that has echoes of his troubled past. Peter has everything in terms of material success and security. The obligatory fast car, lucrative contracts with his powerfully connected father's property empire and a plush renovated flat. Devoted fiancée, Claudia, expects to move in and marriage is imminent. But Peter has a dark past that taints his movements. Starting an affair with Natalie, who has an equally disturbed background, can only lead to more heartache.

If Claudia discovers that Peter has been seeing Natalie, her dream world will be destroyed, adding to his burden of guilt. But even that can't stop him. The secure and rewarding life he has worked so hard to achieve begins to unravel.
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About the Book
Genres: Long reads - more than 4 hours, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Tags: Blue Bookworm, Kasey Hamlin
Length: 396
ISBN: 0755215338
The Butterfly Collector is about Peter and his disturbing life. He lives in an apartment that he is fixing that doesn't have any furniture. He has a fiancee, but sleeps with 2 other women. As well as a grown daughter who only uses him for his money or a ride.

I kept reading this book to see if Peter could clean up his destructive life. There isn't much that goes on except for what he thinks about the various women in his life. He is self centered and everyone to him is either too flighty or needy. But the women don't behave any better.

It is obviously a look into the psychology of the mind and what people may be thinking on a day to day basis. One thing we don't know about people is what they are really thinking. I liked reading a book from a man's point of view although I hope all men don't have this mentality. It, also, shows how we reap what we sow.

I would recommend this book and hope to read more by this author.
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