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Talking Tales: Puppy’s Bubble

Talking Tales: Puppy’s Bubble
When Puppy wakes up from a nap, he sees a bubble. When it disappears, Puppy begins his long journey to find the missing bubble. Will Puppy find the bubble, or has it vanished forever? This engaging story is a fun way to read to little ones while promoting babbling, early words and language skills. It provides over 90 examples of some of the earliest developing sounds in their most common word positions including "p", "b", "m", "n", "d" and "h". This book also includes tips for encouraging speech development.
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This was my favorite book in the Talking Tales series, by far. Not just because I love puppies, but because the verbiage was simple and age-appropriate yet effective for the lessons being taught.

This book covers the "b,p,m,n,d, and h" beginning sounds in a fun, engaging way that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy. They will especially love the bubble-popping page. Even I had fun reading that.

I know my kids in care would have adored this book and I look forward to sharing it with little ones in my local schools and child care programs very soon!
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