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Suspicious Minds: A Romantic Suspense Novel

Suspicious Minds: A Romantic Suspense Novel
Betrayal, Revenge, and Hidden Identity

In the city of Boston lies a story of betrayal, revenge and hidden identity. Ryan Donatelli, posing as Thomas Randolph, sets out to avenge his sister's death, even if it means using Sam Southard's daughter to do it. After all, Ryan is sure Sam's responsible.

Natalie Southard is determined to keep her family business out of the hands of known crime boss, Nick DeMarco. After her father is killed, Natalie and Ryan are forced to run for their lives. But, will they live long enough for their hearts to heal once everything is revealed?

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Natalie Southard is trying to keep her family business out of the hands of a known crime boss, Nick DeMarco. Ryan Donatelli is out to avenge the death of his sister, and he’s not above using Natalie Southard to do it.


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This was a quick, fun read. The characters were likable and easy to root for. I appreciated how the main character, Natalie, a strong independent woman, was fighting her way out of her sheltered, only-child upbringing.

The story line was intriguing and the suspense was palpable. I thought it was interesting how we met the two main characters. Typically, when there’s “undercover work” in a book like this, the audience is introduced to the situation before the main characters encounter one-another. In this story, the characters got the jump on us! They had already begun forming a relationship, which helped to move the story along at a fast clip.

I enjoyed the relationship between Natalie and Ryan, too. I found myself yelling out loud, “Just TELL her!” and “Just TRUST him!”…always fun to earn sideways glances from my kids. 🙂

Submitted by Stephanie Collins

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