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St. Helena Vineyard Series: Saving Forever (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Forever Series Book 2)

St. Helena Vineyard Series: Saving Forever (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Forever Series Book 2)
Wild child and free spirit, Daisy Daniel’s has always lived life on her own terms. Sun and sand are all that’s on her agenda when she takes her grandparents up on an offer to watch their beach house, while they travel abroad. This Cali girl may be forced to change her ways after a night of passion, with a handsome stranger. As this California girl is forced to stop dreaming and to start making plans, she finds herself in unfamiliar waters. When Daisy shows up at her new job the one thing that is familiar, is the one person she never expected to see again. Will Daisy be able to make the best of her new life, or will the secret she’s been keeping cost her everything?

World renowned developer, Ferris Hampton has it all, money, women and power, but it never seems to be enough. This restless bachelor has always put work first. It’s what has made him so successful. In the height of his career he realizes he’s surrounded by very few real friends. Most want him for what he can offer. When Ferris wanders off from a beach party, connecting with a beautiful young woman, he finds himself for the first time being wanted, but for nothing more than the man he is. The catch is, she doesn’t really know who he is or what is expected of him. Allowing himself this one night, but there can be no more… no matter how complete she makes him feel, she would never fit into his world. A world he has worked so hard to build.

Daisy and Ferris are on completely different paths, when their worlds collide. Will their carefully laid plans tear them apart or will they be able to save forever?

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Best Book Bit:

“Still cold?”

“Yeah.” I hesitate. I don’t want him to go and I’m afraid if we get up, he will leave.

“Here, let’s try this.” He lies back and pulls me halfway on him, adjusting the blanket so it covers us both.

“That’s perfect, and feels good.” I snuggle in and get comfortable.

“Yes, it does.” He bends his head kisses my forehead in an intimate gesture. Then he pulls me up a little farther, kissing my nose.

I lift my chin, wanting more. He senses my need and brushes his lips on my cheek next to my ear, whispering, “Tell me to stop.”

“No,” I rasp, turning my head towards his, wanting more.

“I’m not good…” he licks my neck, the cold air hitting it sends a chill down my body and a heat between my legs. “…for you.”

“I’m tired of people telling me what to do,” I say impatiently.

I run my hand further up his shirt as he pulls me in tighter, rubbing his leg in a slow motion that hits all the right spots between mine.

“Please, kiss me.”

That’s all the approval he needs and he slams his lips to mine, sending a current so unbearable through me that I need more. Grabbing his shirt, I roll to my back, pulling him on top of me, desperately needing the pressure of his body on mine.

Throwing my arms around his neck, I pull him in, deepening the kiss. Rocking back and forth trying to gain the friction for the release I crave.

“Please, more,” I beg.

Breaking our kiss, he pushes himself up on his knees, pulling me with him. He takes off my hoodie and throws it next to us. I’m still in my bikini and jean shorts, so he gets to work untying the top, letting it fall.

‘My god, you are beautiful,” he murmurs as he reaches down to take a nipple into his mouth. Sucking, pulling and then switching to give the other the same attention, letting the cold air tease the one he just left. The sensation is too much. I need more.

Pulling his head closer to me, I lie back down, wrapping my legs around his waist, rocking, urging him on.

Kissing down my bare stomach he stops just below my navel, licking, nipping his way down. He stops only to unbutton my cutoffs, pulling them and my bikini bottoms off in one swift motion.

“I need you now.”

He pushes himself away, rips open his button-down shirt then works on his belt, removing his pants in record time. Urgency overcomes us as our bodies intertwine, connecting in one swift thrust.

My hands snake their way under his arms, pulling him closer, as I moan, “Oh God.” My fingers claw their way down his back as the pressure builds. “I can’t…I…I…please!”

“Look at me!” His voice vibrates through my body. “NOW!”

My eyes fly open, capturing a moment so raw and intense it’s as if his eyes are claiming a part of me his body can’t touch.

This moment is so powerful and passionate it brings me to my release. As my body begins to tighten, I feel his pace pick up, slamming into me, bringing me to heights I have never felt.

“YOU…” he roars, throwing his head back, slowly pumping into me, carrying out his release and bringing me to another.

Lowering himself on his forearms, he brings both palms to my face, cradling my head in his hands. “What are you doing to me?” whispering as he takes a thumb, brushing it over my lips.

This moment is much too personal for two strangers. “What are we doing?” I ask.

“Living life, babe.”




Tags: Book Trailers, Gold Bookworm, Sabrina Norris
Length: 99
A great follow up to Building Forever. Fast paced, sassy, witty , funny and at times I wanted to shake Daisy and Ferris. Daisy is a bohemian and Ferris is a slightly uptight businessman. Sparks fly when they have a one night stand at the beach , things get really fun when she takes a new job and Ferris is her boss. The first in the series was really good, this one is WOW, I can't wait to see what Ms. Hart comes up with for the next in this series. Ms. Hart is definitely being added to my list of favorite authors.
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