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Sex, Money, and the Price of Truth (The Price Series Book 2) Kindle Edition

Sex, Money, and the Price of Truth (The Price Series Book 2) Kindle Edition
She needs security. He seeks redemption. THEY FIND EACH OTHER INSTEAD.

The façade of Lola's carefully-crafted life begins to crumble the moment the sexy stranger walks into her neighborhood coffee shop. Aidan is smart, stunning, and impossible to refuse.

She isn't looking for love and he's too good to be true.

Ominous dreams and looming suspicions keep guiding her to stop. But she doesn't.

Until the deception that brought them together becomes the danger that tears them apart.

Born in betrayal and threatened by revenge, their future demands they find the courage for bare, brutal honesty.

It comes at an impossibly high price...

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AIDAN THREW ON his running shoes and headed out into a sunless afternoon. In an hour or two the already-crowded city streets would be teeming with all the people trading offices and storefronts for homes, happy hours, and the various destinations of their evenings. He bounded uptown, toward the southeast entrance of Central Park.

Over the miles of curving trails, Aidan had solved many impossible problems. The relative quiet within the canopy of tall trees soothed his nerves, cleared his mind, and relieved the crushing weight of a situation he never wanted to be in. With each step and each breath, he traveled the long road of where he had come from, where he had ended up, and why.

He fell into a rhythm, his long legs setting a brisk pace that matched the speed of his thoughts. The setting blurred into a comforting backdrop of green, a symphony of voices, and the cold air reminding him of time and place. 

He had learned early on that he was at an advantage. His appearance, intelligence, and eloquence had the ability to disarm nearly everyone he met, forcing them to reconsider their positions on race, status and power. He caught the glances from both men and women as they evaluated him. Even in a city known for its lack of casual connection, he pulled attention. Maybe this, which he had labeled an asset, had been the beginning of his undoing.

A giggling boy ran toward him, followed by young parents sharing in his laughter. Aidan  had discovered that, when used in concert, his unique set of traits could be deployed in the acquisition and achievement of anything he wanted. Worshipping wealth was not of interest. His mother had plenty and his father had none. Money was a means to an end, he had decided in his youth, an entertaining pastime he could enjoy without too much exertion.

A group of teenagers whizzing by on skateboards forced him into an abrupt stop. An older man, impeccably dressed, crossed the path in front of him and Aidan, who might not have noticed him at all if not for the forced stop, tracked his movements. Everything was familiar about him. The style, the elegance, the signs of education, wealth and influence.

Aidan had spent his teens and twenties studying and emulating this type of man. Like Aidan, the man stood tall, his plumb perfect posture likely honed through years of disciplined athletics and supported by the respect it garnered from men and the desire it elicited from women. This was what power looked like, and Aidan had mastered it.

The man walked as if he had all the time in the world, tilting his head every now and then to look at something around him. His was the pace of someone who expected the world to conform to his timing, his needs, his will. While all those around him scurried, he strolled. Aidan began walking, matching the gait of the man in the dark blue suit. It was a timely reminder of the power of being deliberate.

The world snapped from a frenzied mess to the clarity of sense and understanding. The ability to focus and rise above the distractions that left most around him dazed and confused had earned Aidan a lifetime’s worth of success. It was time to remember who he was. He slowed his pace even further and broadened his chest with a deep inhale. This time his motives wouldn’t have to include manipulation. He could use his strength for good.

For at least a decade of his life, Aidan had been the consummate asshole. The memory washed a grimace over his face, shaking the newfound calm. It made him sick, now, to think of that person. He didn’t consider himself sentimental, but his keen memory provided ample opportunity to bring the past into the present and to relive each of the mistakes he carried on his back. He would have to make sure that that version of him did not return.

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