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Scenes From Highland Falls

Scenes From Highland Falls
"I knew that Senator Kennedy would not accept defeat. He would not step aside and allow his horrible error to be a wake-up call. He would not reach out to me and suggest we put our bitter feud behind us. He would try again, for Kennedy men do not give up. They don't give up on their dreams of the White House, they don't give up once they decide they want to spend their lives with the woman they love, and they don't give up until they've gotten rid of anything standing in their way."

The delusions of a woman detached from reality? Or the scandalous, well-kept secrets of the greatest love story the world has never known? In the second installment of the Abigail Phelps Series, Abigail's stories become even more difficult to believe, and absolutely impossible to deny.


I've Loved These Days ~ Scenes From Highland Falls ~ Two Thousand Years

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Best Book Bit:

“Abby!” He caught up to me as I stood on the curb, maybe about to hail a cab, maybe about to run into traffic – I really don’t know. He pulled me to him and held me as close as he could. “Come on, my car’s right down here, remember? Let’s go somewhere and talk.” He started walking me toward his car, and I lost control.

“Don’t touch me!” I screamed. I pulled away from him, again disregarding the hurt and bewildered expression on his face.

He was on the verge of tears, overwhelmed by the feeling of helplessness. “Abby, please.”

I should have told him I was sorry, that it had nothing to do with him, that I needed some time and then I would be all right. But right then I wasn’t sorry, and I certainly didn’t know if I would be all right.

A taxi pulled over to the curb and I reached for the door handle, but John blocked me. By then, not only had the public at large gathered to witness the drama, the paparazzi had as well. I knew that wasn’t good, even in my messed-up state.

“Move. Everyone’s watching,” I said to John, quietly.

“I don’t care. I don’t care! I am so tired of caring about who’s watching or who thinks what. You are the only one I care about, and you are scaring the hell out of me.”

Then I pulled together every ounce of strength and fortitude I could muster to say to him, through clenched teeth in a tone which I knew he would take seriously, “Move. Everyone is watching. Every second that you don’t let me go, I get one second closer to ending up in the hospital again. Or worse.” His face fell as he realized exactly what I meant. “If you love me even half as much as you say you do, move.”

Once again, I wasn’t playing fair. I was holding him responsible for too much, but he moved, and then he just stood there, speechless and torn apart, cameras flashing all around him, as I got into the taxi and made my escape.

“Ted Kennedy has done everything he could to ruin my life, and now he’s killed my husband.”

Yes, Abby Phelps is back to tell us more about her life, loves, and adventures. Is it her real life, her imagined life or a mix? Is she really a figure skater who won gold medals for three countries? Is she best friends with George Clooney? How about the hit TV show ER- did she really star as Carol Hathaway? Did she write and appear as the lead in blockbuster movies? In this second book in the series, there are so many questions and we still don’t know the answers!

I was a big fan of the first Abby Phelps book. I found it witty, creative, dazzling even. I suggest that you read the first book before curling up with the second installment. This second look at Abby is still a well-written and fast-paced read. Abby is an engaging and well-developed character and her romp through her life with all of its headline, super star moments is fun and appealing. But this book also seemed repetitious and over-wrought to me. And as I got deeper into the book, her life with its delusions or dreams unsettled me. This is the kind of book that you will either love, or shake your head at!

Having said all that, I am looking forward to reading the third book in the series. What finally happens to Abby? You won’t find out in Book 2- it ends at a dramatic cliff-hanger. Go ahead and enjoy this unique read!
I was so excited about diving back into the Chris and Abby story. It’s been several months since I visited two of my favorite literary characters ever! Not only was I not disappointed, I was sucked in even further than I had been in the first book of this series. This story had me glued to the pages from chapter one. Abby’s journey is one filled with laughter, tears, anxiety, and fear … and the best/worst part is … it can go from one extreme to another in just a few lines.

Especially after reading the epilogue for the last book in this series, I am ready to find out how this all ends. Or am I? I just don’t know how I’m going to react. It has taken me on such an emotional journey so far, I’m almost of the same mindset of Abby, which is scary.

In one way, I want to know; but in another, if I do find out, it will mean the Chris and Abby story ends. That’s just not something I’m sure I’m ready to accept.

Needless to say, I will probably need therapy after reading the final book in this series. Or perhaps, I need it right now for becoming so involved in a fictitious story. Either way … I’ve Loved These Days. (pun totally intended).
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