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Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune
Memoir Miss Fortune is a rollicking account of a woman coming of age in modern Ukraine. Finalist at the Kindle Book Awards 2016.

Albina Hume is often asked the same question - how did she meet her South African husband John, a property developer and the man who bred 1,000 rhinos? She has always kept her response simple. Until now. Born with a speech impediment that turned into a childhood fear of being unworthy of love has resulted in various misfortunes, from failing dreams and relationships to even ending up in a police cell for 51 days, until she finally learned to focus on her dreams, not her fears.

"Who would think that my inability to pronounce the letter R would turn my life upside down and lead me from Ukraine to South Africa?"

Native Ukrainian Albina has transformed her life story into a powerful testimony, written in English, her third language, which she taught herself ten years ago. Miss Fortune tells the story of how childhood fears can dictate one's present and future, and the many challenges she faced in her quest to find happiness.

Currently, Albina and John Hume have dedicated their lives to preventing the South African rhino population from becoming extinct by breeding and protecting rhinos for future generations.
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“Miss Fortune” by Albina Hume is a very well written autobiography. In this novel length work of non-fiction we are privileged to become acquainted with Ms. Hume and her interesting and misadventure filled young life. I will mention at the outset that, as other reviewers have noted, English is a non-native tongue to the author. Despite this fact the writing in this story is seamless, and Ms. Hume’s use of the language excellent. As expected with this type of autobiographical work, dialog is more internal than external and the tale is written from the author’s first-person point of view.

The story opens with a scene from the present day, with our heroine eagerly anticipating her incipient wedding to the love of her life, John. As she dwells on this upcoming happy event she begins to muse upon the strange series of events that brought her, a young girl born in the Ukraine just prior to the break-up of the Soviet Union, to her current circumstances on an exotic animal ranch in South Africa. The reader senses immediately that this will be an intriguing tale and we are certainly not disappointed.We are transported back with Albina to her childhood village, and as the circumstances of her early life unfold we come to understand just how challenging that life was. Albina and her family are in some sense caught up in a great societal transition as their world and society are buffeted by the forces of political turmoil. Thru all of the challenges, Albina keeps a clear eye on her dream and displays both tenacity and at times great courage in pursuing it.

I gave this autobiography a rating of four stars. The writing was excellent and the telling of the story at times superb. Where this effort lost points was in the lack of proper editing, there was just too much detail at times to the point of tedium, and the characters, while interesting, largely remain one-dimensional and undeveloped from their initial sketch. Overall I enjoyed this read and I would highly recommend it!








Submitted by Michael Lynes

“Only one of you may talk,” said the seated man, putting a gun on the table. “Who will it be?”

Albina Hume recounts her adventures as a young woman in this fascinating memoir. Ms. Hume experiences a tumultuous journey, through her travels, as well as through her own personal growth, as she seeks to find her destiny. She was born and raised in Ukraine. As a young child, her schoolmates teased her about a small speech defect that she had, and this perceived failure colored her actions and life decisions.

Many readers may not know much about life in Ukraine, and the author gives us an introduction to this country. Ms. Hume doesn’t flinch as she honestly shares her journey from school in Ukraine, to performing as a strip tease artist in Greece, without visa papers. She is open about her quest for love, which included using marriage agencies. Her memoir ends with her finding love and marriage with an interesting gentleman in South Africa.

What a great title! Albina sought fortune, found it, but at times also found “misfortune”. The author describes her book as A Memoir of Action, Adventure, Danger and Romance. Readers will find this memoir to be a captivating read. Miss Fortune was a Finalist at the Kindle Book Awards 2016. However, I prefer memoirs to be more than just a recitation of “then I did this, and then I went here.” I love it when a memoirist is able to create a special world. Miss Hume has had many experiences, but I would have preferred more context.

I do highly recommend this memoir; it is a page-turner!

It was only when I realized that I lived my fears instead of living my dreams that I finally found my destiny.
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