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MASQUE: The Offlings Kindle Edition

MASQUE: The Offlings Kindle Edition
Dr. Edwin J. Nichols thinks the horrors of his time on a hospital ship in the Pacific Theatre during WWII are over. He has looked forward to continuing his medical practice in his hometown of River Crest, Pennsylvania. But the quiet, old iron town along the river has some horrors of its own.

It has been five years since the war ended but he is still haunted by his time in the service. And now, after a series of tragic events occur, the town is anything but peaceful and welcoming. He begins to wonder if, in fact, that the strange happenings might have something to do with the town’s ancient and mythical folklore. If so, he starts to question his sanity and his abilities as a doctor.

Can a man of science put his faith in the supernatural?

Will his place of birth give up its dark secrets, connecting the events of the present with its violent and tragic past?

Did the war leave him scarred forever? Did his experiences aboard a gruesome hospital ship in the Pacific ocean numb his compassion for others?

The town’s mythical folklore may hold the answers to his questions but Edwin finds it difficult to believe that the supernatural could have a place a in his world of science and medicine until he has an intimate encounter with the centuries old Offling who has the ability to take away his pain at great risk to herself.
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