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In Times of Violence (OUTLAW Book 1)

In Times of Violence (OUTLAW Book 1)
Book one of the OUTLAW series.

Have you ever felt like an outcast? That you didn't belong and that somewhere, someone was waiting for you?

Jade had been sheltered most of her life. Living in an isolated village with only sex and drugs to entertain. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father doesn't give a damn. Her only way out is to beg her Aunt to allow her to stay as a guest in their London house. Jade meets fate head on. She finally finds a family that love and respect her and are not BLOOD.

A raw emotional story about love, betrayal and sacrifice.

'Excellent story line, a riveting read.'
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Best Book Bit:

“This is my fight, and I don’t want any of you to get involved. I can sort out my own mess.”

“That’s brave talk, Jade, but do you really think you can take the Vipers on single-handed? Grow up girl! You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. You don’t know —- about us, and you don’t know Marcus. You don’t know what sort of life we lead. Have you thought this through? Do you know what you’re doing?” He moved closer to me, his voice became softer and tender. “I’m not saying this so you leave, Marcus would kill me if you did that and none of us are worried about a confrontation with the Vipers,” he spat the word out. “Just think about what I’ve said, okay? Is this really what you want, Jade … You’re a smart woman who can do better than this, better than Marcus.”

He stopped then to see my reaction. Concern lightened his face; only it quickly changed to anger. “Do us all a favour and go back to where you belong.”

I was dancing with Dylan to a Meatloaf song called Dead Ringer for Love. We were dirty dancing; there was nothing in it, we were just messing around. My eyes glanced over to the bar, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Marcus was leaning over the bar, snogging the blonde tart. I didn’t know which way to look, or what to do next.

Dylan felt me stiffen and turned to see what had caught my attention. He gripped my arm and forced me to face him.

“Let it go, Jade,” he told me.

The others were watching Marcus and sniggering. They didn’t look surprised by what they saw. Then their eyes searched for me, and when they saw I was watching, their grins evaporated. It was as if they’d been waiting for it to happen.

I didn’t know what to do, whether to go over to the bar and pin a medal on them or pour a pint over them to cool down the passion. I think if Marcus were able, he would have done her there and then on the bar. He was like a dog on heat.

All eyes were on me. I wanted to cry, but I wasn’t giving anyone the satisfaction. I felt ashamed and used, not just because my boyfriend was tongue wrestling with the barmaid in front of the whole bar. I felt used, because my friends, my brothers, weren’t sticking up for me. They just sat there grinning. No warning, no waking Marcus from his desire. I felt like everyone had betrayed me, and that I had no friends. I felt so alone.

I know it was an absurd thing to think after what they’d done for me, yet at that moment I felt I had no one. I had to get away from there, from all of them. Grabbing my jacket, I ran out of the bar, not looking back. I heard Dylan shout after me, but I ignored him. I didn’t know where I was running to; I just needed to run.


Other reviews for In Times of Violence

I enjoyed this, Karina Kantas writes really well and knows how to weave a story with some great characters to keep the reader hooked.

Jade was bored with her life and went off to stay with her cousin. She then gets involved with a gang and gang life and violence.

blue ribbon other review

Submitted by Karen Mossman

This was a truly gripping fast paced story about a young girl who comes to find her true self among some the gritty streets in London. Jade is a true heroine who knows what she wants and how to get it. I love her fierce determination and tenacity.

If you're a fan of being spun out of control in a dangerous life of outlaws and fiery passion you definitely have to read this book. Sexy bikers with a bad boy image? Who could resist?

There are some unexpected twist and turns that are definitely worth the ride. I look forward to reading more from the series and future writings of Karina!
Jade moved to the city from a small village where she was bored, lonely, and ready for a change. She comes across the Tyrants, one of the local biker gangs in the city, and sees Marcus. Marcus is the leader of the gang and Jade becomes obsessed with meeting Marcus and joining the Tyrants. After a bumpy start, Jade joins the gang.

The book is based through multiple years. Some parts are really slow and others are rushed. Through the years, you get to read about how joining the Tyrants and being with Marcus impacts Jade's life. What it's like to desperately want to belong and what it's like to have people who care about her. Ultimately, it's a story about love, Jade finding herself, and family.


*Jade feels like a regular person. Not like some books where you think "only in a book". She has her flaws, her insecurities, tough decisions that she has to make, just like any normal​ girl her age goes through.

*Marcus is and isn't the typical biker. He does all the things a typical biker gang leader would do and has a temper when the mood strikes. However, there are times when he's a sweet young man who seems like he's just trying to get through the day, the only way he knows how.

This book does span years with only a very vague mention of what's happened. Parts where it simply states "years later," or "months later," etc. It was as if pieces of the story were missing, probably important pieces. It's written in Jade's POV and can be read as a stand alone, although there are more in the series. I suggest reading them in order.

This book has violence, sex, alcohol, and drugs. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone under 18.

In times of violence has some sensitive parts that will make you cry, but it also has action and lots of violence. The inner workings of gangs are portrayed, and was written in such a compelling way that made me feel like I was in the gang. That's how well Karina told the story.

I found Jade a bit confusing at times on what she wants, like who she loves. She cares deeply for her new family and I felt heart broken for what happened. She's had a tough life.

There were a few grammatical issues that could be addressed but I really enjoyed the story and I am looking forward to the next one.
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