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Heads and Tales

Heads and Tales
A diverse collection of flash and short fiction.

28 short stories that will delight, fright and leave you questioning your sanity.

Tales of romance, thrillers, horror, comedy, scifi, fantasy, historical romance and the supernatural.
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Short story collections seldom come as good or in some cases as short as the ones in this book. Each story takes you fully into another place then leaves you wanting more but in a good way. Would love more of Nobel Heart probably the longest story in the book. A complete mixed bag of genres but all well written and each as good as the next.

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Submitted by Stephen Barr


5 Stars!!!!! A great collection of short reads!
A fantastic collection of horror and bizarre stories. Each one held its own merit and the variety of genres was excellent. The lengths of the stories were perfect for those moments when you have a few minutes to kill. A fast and easy read, I look forward to reading more from Karina.
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Submitted by Regina Partap

Sometimes you need a rest from reading a full blown novel, especially if you read as many as I do. A collection of short stories is just the tonic to pick up and put down in between each other. Heads and Tales is perfect for that, plus it is also an enjoyable read having so many stories in one book. There is a wide range of different genres and I liked that. I could go from a love story where the hero lives in a castle and fights by the sword to a modern day vampire story all in the one book.

Some stories are long, almost novella in length, others are very short and the reader doesn’t know what they are getting next. The surprise of suddenly coming to a long story after a very short one was refreshing.

Because of the variety, every reader will have their favourites, mine was Nobel Heart, but then I also liked Spooky, that was cleverly written. Novel Heart was a historical romance and I also loved Haunted by his Absence. Don’t be fooled by the titles because the last one is not what you think and Spooky even more so. Clever writing by the author.

Overall, this book is great, I was going to say a great little read, but it isn’t small, it’s a big book that has lots to offer and explore.

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Submitted by Karen J. Mossman

Tags: Gold Bookworm, Green Bookworm, Other Reviews, Tonya S. Rothe, Tracy Miller
Length: 104
Heads & Tales by Karina Kantas is a marvelous collection of short stories that will appeal to various genre lovers. This anthology offers a rich tapestry of romance, horror, historical fantasy and sci fiction tales that are certain to please many readers.

I was especially impressed by the imaginative genius of many of these stories. In addition, Kantas' writing style served the stories well. For the romance stories, there were the echoes of soul mates whose love was evident. The horror tales were frightening yet memorable. The reader may be terrified at witnessing what was occurring but fully invested in seeing how the horror played out.

Many of these stories boasted well developed characters and well thought out plots that had the potential of becoming full novels. From the more than two dozen stories, there were a number of stories that emerged as my favorites.

Crossed was a suspense filled vampire story with an unexpected twist. Dinner for Two looked at betrayal and how one woman set a sinister plan in motion to get revenge. Eve of Terror lived up to its name. This short story had my heart racing. The Hereafter was, for me, both supernatural and spiritual. When Kantas wrote, "Swirls of mist form silhouettes of human shapes," the imagery and the intensity of the moment were captured in beautiful words. Noble Heart was a brilliant mixture of romance and historical fantasy. Clowns are creepy and Haunted By His Absence was admirably terrifying, an heir apparent along the lines of Stephen King in raising the bar to stunning levels of horror. I was particularly amazed by the imaginative premise of Haunted By His Absence and floored by its creative execution.

I don't want to give anything away by revealing spoilers for these stories. The above stories rank as my favorites. But there was so much more to adore about this anthology. As a small point, I'm one of those readers who loves memorable titles. Kantas gets my highest praise for coming up with a slew of stellar titles that complemented a stellar body of work.

I give Heads & Tales a Gold Book Worm Rating.
A good overall collection of different stories, most with a great deal of potential for more depth and meaning that readers look for in short fiction. Although the author has many great ideas, I often felt that the deep structure was missing, and that the author did not use the limited word counts to her advantage to take the reader on a journey beyond the obvious. I applaud the effort and creativity, but just wish I found more complexity and purpose.
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