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Dreams Collide: Collide Series Book 2

Dreams Collide: Collide Series Book 2
Tina craves adventure, food, and her new client, restaurant owner Gerry.

At sixteen, Tina was full of energy, fearless, and desperate to get out of New Jersey. But her dreams shattered when her mother died tragically. She was thrust into the role of mothering her family while hiding the horrible truth of that day. Now that Tina feels she’s paid her penance, she wants to rediscover the ambitious girl she used to be. With her new dream job and a move to Hoboken, it’s her time to spread her wings. Tina’s first client is a restaurant owner who tempts her—not only with food but with himself. She’d felt this kind of attraction only once before in college and is flooded with memories of an unforgettable kiss. One of her biggest regrets.

Gerry desires anonymity, a new life, and the beautiful website designer Tina.

Gerry fled Germany to escape the destruction of his reputation. After months of staying under the radar, he opens a restaurant in New York City. When he hires a website design firm, Gerry finds himself working closely with Tina—whom he had a taste of years ago and now finds a sweet indulgence.

Even as they admit their attraction to each other, unexpected circumstances threaten to separate them again. Will their love be strong enough to give up their dreams? Or will someone be left behind?
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DREAMS COLLIDE, Kristina Beck – Excerpt 1

“No complaints from me. You look good, but I don’t know how you stay fit when you’re surrounded by food all day.” I gesture with my hand toward his body.

“You love food and have a great body.”

“Excuse me.” I point my finger back and forth between us. “Just friends, remember?”

“What? You just said the same to me. Friends can’t say that?”

A boat passes us a little too closely, and I say to the couple, “We’re just friends.”

“It doesn’t look like it to me,” the woman says. She winks at Gerry.

He stops rowing. “Oh. I’m sorry. Should I have said you’re as hot as the chili in the éclair you ate? Or as hot as the Sahara Desert? Or so hot that I’m counting the days on the calendar until my hands and lips can burn on your bare skin.” He clenches his jaw.

I can’t see his eyes through his sunglasses, but I can feel them.

Holy shit. He’s serious. My hormones are screaming let him.

“You’re thinking about it too. Admit it.”

I remain silent and look out at the water. No way am I admitting that. Hide your emotions.

“I guess it’s going to be a long night. I’m not moving this boat until you admit it.” He lets go of the oars.

I jump up and step closer to him to grab them.

“Don’t jump up like that. The oars are attached. We’re fine,” he says as he tries to stabilize the boat.

It wobbles enough that I lose my balance, falling face first into his lap. Your face is in his lap. Get up! But what if I like it? Get up!

I push off him to escape the awkwardness. His arms wrap around my waist, preventing me from moving away. We’re face to face as I rest on my knees. I take his sunglasses off to reveal his heated eyes.

“Why couldn’t you just admit it?” he says with a low voice, his eyes glancing at my lips. “Now look what happened. Not that I mind.”

I whisper, “I think about it all the time. You all the time.”

Copyright ©2017 Kristina Beck


Excerpt two

Her sleepy voice floats to me from the bedroom. “Come lie with me.”

I turn around and walk toward her.

“I promise I won’t bite—not until our project is over anyway.” She smiles sweetly with her eyes closed.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to be mad when you wake up tomorrow and see my drool on the pillow or I smell like garlic or… Oh. Sorry. That’s Alexa’s problem.”

“Stop playing around and come cuddle with me.”

I freeze at the end of the bed to see if she’s serious.

“I’m not drunk. Please come lie with me. It’s been so long since I’ve been held. Friends cuddle, don’t they?” she pleads.

Not really.

I turn the light off next to the bed. The thought of lying behind her and holding her already has my hormones in an uproar. I kneel on the bed and secretly place a pillow between us to hide the evidence of the body part that has sprung into action and might poke her in the back. I shift myself to the correct position on my right side and spoon her. She pulls my arm around her waist and laces her fingers through mine. My face nuzzles her silky hair and neck. This is exactly how it should be.

I squeeze her hand and whisper, “Are you feeling okay?”

She nods. “I’m perfect. Today was perfect. You’re perfect.”

I squeeze her tighter to me. “Das bin ich nicht.”

It’s true. I’m not perfect. After what she told me tonight, I don’t deserve to lie here with her. I should’ve told her the truth. But I’m a coward because I know the chance of losing her has increased even more.

“Go to sleep, Süße.” She shimmies closer to me. Thank God, the pillow is between us. “Sleep well.”

I know I need to tell her, but I’m going to enjoy the time with her until the website is finished. At that time, I’ll come clean.

“Gerry?” she mumbles.


“You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.”

I’m going to hell.


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I read the first book in the series, Lives Collide, and had high expectations for this book. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint! Gerry and Tina’s story of second chances, missed opportunities and falling in love is a fun read, with a few twists and turns along the way.

You find yourself rooting for them all the way through, but as everyone knows, the path to love is never easy, and Gerry and Tina must overcome some obstacles before they can find their HEA.

This is a great sequel, and I look forward to reading the next one!

Submitted by Helen Pryke

We first met Tina in her sister Lisa’s story, Lives Collide. After her mother dies in an automobile accident, Tina becomes “mom” to her younger sister and the glue that holds her family together. Gone is the carefree girl with the adventurous spirit who will try anything, and in her place is the girl who smiles to hide the pain and never lets anyone see her cry. She meets Gerry when her company is hired to design his restaurant’s website, and there’s immediate mutual attraction. Tina finds herself letting go, being a silly and laughing, and opening up to him in ways she never has before, not even with her family. 

As with the last book, the advance copy I read of this one had me contemplating the hand of fate and the role serendipity plays in our lives. Do you ever find yourself thinking of someone who entered your life for a brief moment but was gone in the blink of an eye? A chance meeting or a brief encounter that years later, every now and then, has you thinking, as Whittier wrote, “It might have been?” This is the case with Gerry and Tina. After their all too brief but intense interlude, that shared experience becomes the benchmark for all future interactions and relationships with the opposite sex, and none measure up.

Providence affords Gerry and Tina a second chance, but in true Beck fashion, it’s not all hearts and flowers. First there’s a secret they’re both keeping, and then there’s the little matter of Gerry’s dream of a cooking show in Germany that just may come to fruition and Tina’s dream of moving to California, both of which make a lasting relationship challenging. Their road to happily ever after is certainly not boring, with plenty of ups and downs and twists and turns. Granted, I wanted to reach through the screen and knock some heads a few times, but they finally got there once they realized that, kind of like a wool sweater dried in the dryer, the old dreams were no longer a comfortable fit.

It was so much fun to catch up with these characters! They’re so carefully crafted, complex and realistic that it was like catching up with old friends, as well as meeting new ones, like Tyler. (Is there a story there? That boy is badly in need of some redemption!) Gerry was an amazing hero and won my heart immediately. Strong but sweet, a hunk with a huge heart, and so in love with Tina! Swoon. Tina had me laughing out loud, annoyed the carp out of me a few times, made me cry (darn it!) and redeemed herself nicely in the end. If you want quality writing and editing with a fresh plot and compelling storyline, you’ll find that in Beck’s work. With larger than life, loveable characters and a story that tugs on the heartstrings, this second book in the Collide series definitely delivers!

Submitted by Rachel Childers


Dreams Collide follows Tina, Lisa’s sister that we met in book one. The first thing I love about this book is that it’s made to be read as a standalone, and you don’t need book one to be able to follow the story here (but who wouldn’t want book one after reading this?).

Tina has spent her life riddled with guilt over the loss of her mother in a car accident, playing mother to her sister and constantly reassuring her father that it was not his fault. Carrying the awful secret that she’s always felt the accident was her fault. 

In her professional life, she gets a job as a team leader to work on a website for a great local German restaurant. When she meets the man who runs the restaurant, Gerry, there is an instant connection, but they must keep things professional. 

But it’s really hard to stay professional when there is so much more than a working relationship going on. I loved Dreams Collide, it had so many layers of storyline between Tina’s history, Gerry’s history, and a shared history. Having characters from Lives Collide in the book gave it that much more depth. There are moments I was laughing at their antics and then swooning over Gerry and Tina’s connection. Beck has done an outstanding job in Dreams Collide, it’s a must-read.

Submitted by Energy (Launa)


DREAMS COLLIDE is the second book in the Collide series. It is the story of Tina and Gerry and their story is filled with so many twists and turns I read it in one sitting! I loved the first book, Lives Collide but this one was even better. Kristina Beck took my feelings on one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride that I was out of breath when I was finished reading.

Tina has always put her family first. When she was 16 her mother and sister were in a tragic car accident. Her mom died and Tina always blamed herself for the accident. She nursed her sister back to health and tried to keep her dad from falling apart. Now her dad is remarried and happy and her sister is married as well. Tina finally feels as if it’s her time. DREAMS COLLIDE has her meeting Gerry again only she doesn’t realize that she met him once before many years ago when she was in college. Gerry recognizes her right away but doesn’t tell her. He knows he should but keeps the secret from her until it is too late. Oh yeah, it’s just that good!

DREAMS COLLIDE is an awesome story of second chance romance filled with so many funny moments. The banter between Gerry and Tina is hysterical and I was laughing out loud over and over again. So many times, that my husband kept giving me these weird looks! Then the next minute, I had huge tears in my eyes threatening to make me sob at any second. I love when an author can control my emotions so thoroughly. Kristina Beck did not disappoint. It was an added bonus to catch up with all of the characters from Lives Collide that it felt like being back among my old friends. Be prepared to have your heart strings pulled on over and over again.

Submitted by Susan Dyer

A chance encounter at a college party that ended with a blindfolded kiss would leave a lasting impression on a young couple. The kiss was passionate, tender and unforgettable.

Tina had spent many years taking care of her sister and father after her mother died in a car accident. Because of this, she was never able to travel and attend college away from home. Her father is now happily remarried and her sister has found the love of her life. It was finally her turn to move away and follow her dreams. She had just landed her dream job as a project manager doing advanced website and application design. Her first client is a German restaurant and she is confident that with her education and training , she will make a good impression. She walked briskly into the beautiful restaurant and spotted a very handsome guy across the room. He was wearing tight black jeans and a form fitting t-shirt that showed off his perfect body. Something about him was familiar and she felt a chill run down her spine. Tina certainly hoped that she could separate business from her personal interest in the sexy restaurant owner.

Gerry loved running his own restaurant and was very proud of the beautiful and peaceful beer garden that he had created for his guests. He is looking forward to meeting his web designer because he definitely needed a way to bring in more business. He was a successful chef in Germany , but an unfortunate incident caused him to seek solace in the US where he could start over. The minute Tina took off her sunglasses he knew his life would change forever. She was the girl from his past that he never forgot. He remembers their kiss as if it was yesterday. Tina was brought to him for a reason and this time, he would never let her go. How will Tina react when she finds out that Gerry is the guy she kissed many years ago? Will she forgive him for hiding his identity from her?

Can Gerry convince Tina that they are meant to be together? Or will she decide to forget about him and follow her dreams instead? "Dreams Collide" is the second book in The Collide Series by Kristina Beck and I absolutely loved it. Tina and Gerry never forgot their first kiss and fortunately for them, fate stepped in and brought them back together. Kristina realistically captures the feelings of her characters, which makes the reader become attached to them immediately. "Dreams Collide" is about love, trust and second chances. Kristina is a talented and refreshing new author and I know everyone will love this book as much as I did.

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