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Daniel Green is a typical ten-year-old boy with just one difference – when he goes to sleep at night, he travels to Dreamland, a magical place where he can create amazing adventures using only his imagination.

But he is not alone. An evil being follows him into his enchanted world and joins forces with Stregona, the powerful witch who reigns over the Dark Forest. Together they are determined to destroy Dreamland.

Who is this dark entity, and what does he want with Danny?

Join Danny in this magical story for children age 9-12.
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Best Book Bit:

When they got to the top, they could see for miles all around. Behind them lay the crater amid the rocks and boulders on the Moon’s dusty surface. Before them lay a beautiful valley bathed in bright sunshine, full of weird and wonderful plants and animals. Even stranger, though, were the colours. The grass was purple, the trees all different shades of orange and lilac, and the sky was yellow. An odd, giraffe-like creature with dark blue fur ambled across a pink stream, its long, spindly legs trembling against the force of the water. It dipped its head and drank deeply, beads of pink liquid dripping from its mouth.

Danny looked at Lucy and Tom. “This is getting weirder and weirder. No-one lives on the Moon!”

“Let’s go down and take a closer look,” Tom said excitedly. They strode down the grassy slope, marvelling at all the bizarre things they could see. As their legs brushed through the long grass, small, hopping insects leapt up out of the undergrowth, jumping as high as their heads, then curled themselves up into tiny balls and rolled away out of sight among the blades of grass. Danny started laughing, then stopped to stare as an enormous, crimson toad lumbered on top of a stone and began lazily flicking its tongue, catching the small insects as they fled past. It gazed solemnly back at Danny, blinking first one amber eye and then the other, slowly swallowing its meal. Danny carried on down the slope, keeping an eye out for other strange creatures that could be hiding in the undergrowth. At the bottom there was a white path that wound along the valley, beside the stream. A herd of the giraffe-like animals was grazing nearby and seemed totally unaware that Danny, Tom and Lucy were walking towards them. Several animals were stood beneath a tall tree, using their long tongues to strip the orange leaves off its branches.

As the three friends walked through the valley, they could see monstrous fish swimming in the stream, with sharp teeth that glinted malevolently in the sparkling water. As they all watched, a huge fish lifted itself out of the water, its rainbow-coloured scales glistening with drops of water, and launched itself at the riverbank. It returned to the water with a crimson toad dangling from its mouth and disappeared from view.

“That was impressive!” Tom gasped, stepping away from the edge of the bank.

“Very.” Danny looked a bit pale.

“Let’s keep going,” Lucy suggested, “before one of those fish thinks about trying to eat us!”

The path led them to a wooden hut that had been built against a hillock. A large, leafy tree full of turquoise fruit provided shade from the bright sunlight.

The three friends stopped outside the hut. “Try knocking on the door, Danny,” Lucy whispered.

“OK,” Danny replied, also speaking softly.

“Why are you both whispering?” Tom asked loudly. The other two looked at him in surprise.

“I don’t know,” Danny said. “It’s just this place… it’s like being in a church or something. It makes you want to talk quietly.”

Lucy raised her eyebrows. “Can’t you feel it, Tom?”

The gnome shrugged. “All I know is that I’d like some answers as to why we’re here and what this place is.”

“You only have to ask,” came a grumpy voice from behind them. They wheeled around, startled. The door of the hut was open and a small, wizened man was standing in the doorway. He held a heavy, black cape clasped tightly around him so that only his head was visible. Fine, grey wisps of hair covered his scalp and his leathery face was a mass of deep wrinkles, making him appear impossibly old. His startling blue eyes, however, were full of vitality as they darted from Danny to Tom and then Lucy. Nobody moved or spoke and the air between them became filled with tension.


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My girls and I read this beautiful story together. They are eleven and eight and the story held their attention throughout. This fact may not sound like a particularly exciting fact but it’s rare for me to find a story that they both enjoy. Following Danny and his friends on their journey, we couldn’t wait to find out what the next chapter and adventure would bring. The author has woven a story that includes, Dragons, Unicorns, Giants and more! What I especially love is that boys and girls can equally enjoy the tale and find something they will enjoy. This was a wonderful read and will no doubt be a story that children will treasure. I adore the cover too and can’t wait to get this in paperback!


Many thanks,

Sarah Northwood


It’s a great book for kids. The author describes scenes and actions with vibrant and clear details. I felt I was in a book with touches of Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Charlie and Chocolate Factory and a little Dr. Suess.

The story is full of unicorns, dragons, giants, insects…which most kids love and are attracted to in a book.

I already picture my kids curled under their blankets reading this until they can’t keep their eyes open.

Submitted by Kristina Beck


An exciting well written story with an important message.

Dreamland is such an amazing children’s book. Danny receive a ticket from his mom to travel to dreamland. He uses it almost every night and experience fantastic adventures together with his wonderful new dream friends. As a reader you first enter a magical space as an Alice in Wonderland fantasy, where Danny meets Lucy and Tom, unicorns, the dragon and giant, witch Stregona, Argit the cricket… Then the book turns into a Harry Potter, with such exciting stories that it is impossible to stop reading.

The story is great entertaining and very well written. What I found such a big ‘plus’ is how the author unfolded an important message in the book for children and adults. Sometimes we need to stand still and look at our guilt feelings, forgive ourselves as Danny did with the help of his friends.

I think it is clear I loved this book and I think children (and adults) will enjoy it too. I can not give less than 5 stars.

Submitted by Lieve Snellings


Dreamland is a riveting fairytale for children, with their parents reading it to them, or for preteens who enjoying reading for themselves. This story is full of giants, dragons, witches, and unicorns, and even more, who live in a land where children can go only in their dreams. The author cleverly leads the reader to a satisfying conclusion and it would be a great book for a child with a problem to solve or a loss to come to grips with. Author Clements allows the story to unfold so that whatever the issue is that’s hidden inside the reader will be disclosed gently in its own way and without feeling rushed or forced.

Children and preteens will enjoy the many characters here: a giant “with two eyes as big as pizza plates set above a massive, potato-shaped nose,” who loves silver shiny objects; the Man on the Moon, a leathery faced deep-wrinkled small wizened man who wears a heavy black cape with “fine, grey wisps of hair” named Stythwhirr Jhmkyrwit, nicknamed Jim. A witch, trolls, a fire-breathing dragon who lost his “ornate, golden crown, richly decorated with rubies and sapphires” are here too, as well as some good friends. A good solid story full of imagination.
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