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Day Zero: The Book Of Patrick Kindle Edition

Day Zero: The Book Of Patrick Kindle Edition
Living past the day you are destined to die has consequences.

"It is appointed once for man to die, then the judgement." Hebrews 9:27 Patrick began his day like any other. But this was not just any other day. This was the day he was supposed to die. And Death is very persistent. There is no rescheduling. There is no cancellation policy. If he can live through this one day, it's just the beginning. He finds a world of people who have slipped into the gap between life and death, walking among the living. Unseen. Unheard. A world of desperate people. They can't move forward and there is no going back.

Phoenix: a young woman bent on burning. Luke: obsessed with the woman he loves but can't have. Isaiah: the soldier still fighting his war. Preacher: lost, but still trying to lead the way. Mama June: a grounding soul to which they can all cling. And Reuben: evil in life... Even more so Immortal.

Who are you when there is nothing left to lose? What are you capable of?

"BJ Hyman makes you as disoriented as her characters, then pulls it all together with such a great 'Ah-HA' moment that you're glad for the suspense!" ~Leigh McQueen, Author of the Fog Bank Series

In the tradition of Stephen King, Joe Hill, Dean Koontz, and, more historically, Edgar Allan Poe, BJ Hyman writes with touches of pop culture, horror, fantasy, suspense, all wrapped up with a very human story at the very heart of her work. No matter how fantastic the circumstance, the main questions are always who are these people and what makes them react the way they do.
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Series: Day Zero Series, Book 1
Genres: Long reads - more than 4 hours, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
Tags: Book Trailers, Not Yet Reviewed
Length: 327
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