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Breath of Life: Living God’s Promise of Peace in the 7 Dimensions of Wellness

Breath of Life: Living God’s Promise of Peace in the 7 Dimensions of Wellness
No one is immune to the stresses of daily life. The unrelenting demands of work, home, finances, and relationships can be overwhelming and can have a serious effect on our health and well-being. If we let it. Yet, in the midst of all the chatter, chaos, and clutter, God’s still, small voice calls out to us to choose a better way. A way of peace and greater well-being. ,

Breath of Life is an insightful twenty-one-day devotional designed to appeal to the busy person. Join the journey, and discover a balanced, whole-being approach to wellness that is centered on the spirit-breathed Word of God.

Inspiring and practical, each daily devotional explores one of the seven dimensions of wellness that contribute to optimal well-being and presents a My Daily Breath section that includes one or more of the following:

•A song recommendation for inspiration

•A verse for meditation

•A question for reflection

•A tool for practical application

God’s promise of peace is available to us all. We only need to slow down, pursue Him, and breathe deep.
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About the Book

Meet the Author:
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Best Book Bit:

Nik Wallenda is either the craziest person you will ever meet or the bravest. On June 22, 2013, he walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope suspended 1,500 feet in the air—without a safety net. I remember watching it live on television, eyes glued to the screen, with tight fists and clenched jaw, willing him in my mind to survive this record-breaking feat. He survived, thankfully, and I could breathe again.

Nik has a fascinating history. He comes from seven generations of high-risk, high-wire aerialists and has been walking on wires since he was two years old. He’s earned seven Guinness World Records and even re-created the very stunt that had taken his great-grandfather’s life. The guy is fearless. He’s also a believer, saturating his amazing stunts with prayer and praise. Crazy or not, the guy has incredible courage. He’s a risk-taker who took his grandfather’s advice to heart when he said that safety nets give a false sense of security.

Nik doesn’t trust in them.

Which made me think—how many of us go through life setting up our own safety nets that are intended to shield us from harm but only keep us from realizing our dreams and living up to our greatest potential?

“The will of God is not safe.” –Mark Batterson

I interpret this to mean that God’s will for us is usually just outside of our comfort zone and will often require a bold step of faith to get there.

Matthew 17:20 says, “Jesus told them, ‘For if you had faith even as small as a tiny mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, “Move!” and it would go far away. Nothing would be impossible.’”

If you are anything like me, you may have a hard time believing this audacious statement and have instead set up your own false safety nets, whether it’s your savings account, salary, credentials, or experience. Maybe you haven’t taken that leap of faith yet because you don’t feel prepared enough or “qualified” enough. Too often, we fear failure, so we make every excuse in the world as to why we don’t even try. We are waiting for the right safety nets to be put in place first, just in case we fall.

I speak from personal experience. As a small-business owner, it took me too long to get up the courage to step out and get started. Owning a business had been on my heart for several years, but I l had let doubts get in the way of stepping into what I believed God wanted me to do. I ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit for so long that I had become paralyzed with fear to the point where I doubted if I had ever heard from God at all. In hindsight, I realize that I had become burdened with a sense of hopelessness because I was out of God’s will. I wasn’t pursuing the dream that He had birthed within me because I was placing my trust in false safety nets rather than in the only One who could keep me safe.

In the beginning, I used the excuse that I was trying to be wise by not making rash, foolish decisions. But when the weight of my hopelessness drained my health, I got real with the Lord and repented of my disobedience. I started walking by faith.

I can’t say that I’ve taken Grand Canyon-style steps of faith up until this point, but I have been consistent about taking small ones, and by God’s grace, I’m seeing progress. It’s not easy, and the fears and doubts still rear their ugly heads at times, but I can say I am happier and more fulfilled than I have been in years, because I am following what I believe God has called me to do. I have rediscovered the pleasure of God’s peace.

Finding our passions and purpose will require us to remove our false safety nets and prayerfully take daily steps of faith in obedience to God. When we do this, we will experience the peace God promises us, despite the challenges. And rest assured, the Father will be right there with us all along the way.

What safety nets do you need to get rid of?

This book is short in length but large in content and enormous in the effect it will have on you. The author has given us 21 lessons. The number 21 was chosen because it generally takes 21 days to create a habit.

The title, Breath of Life, is well chosen. We get the word Inspire from Latin, meaning “breathe in or draw in”. We use the word to talk about our physical act of taking air in to our lungs, and we often say we want to inspire others or be inspired ourselves, meaning we want to influence, animate, cheer on arouse a positive or feeling.

From the Bible, we get a powerful example of the phrase. "Breath of life" is from a verse in Genesis describing the creation of man. "The Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature" (Genesis 2:7). The breath of life was what turned man from a lifeless collection of matter into a living creature.

In her book, the author use clear, relatable language to show us how following God and Christ can change a person’s basically lifeless existence of worry and poor health into a dynamic life. Readers will learn how to enjoy a healthy, balanced life in the seven dimensions of wellness. The seven areas are Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Vocational. Talk about inspiration!

The book is a series of 21 lessons or devotionals, followed by a

•A song recommendation for inspiration

•A verse for meditation

•A question for reflection

•A tool for practical application

The author is humble and engaging. She is a business woman with a husband and family. She shares moments from her life, the problems and the praises.

I highlighted so many parts of this book and I plan to reread it many times. Readers will see how to develop a relationship with God; how to be inspired by God’s love; how to find victory over food; how to be positive.

I plan to give this as a Christmas or even better, a New Year’s present, to my family. I want them to learn how to have everything they need to live a life of peace. Highly recommend this book.
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