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Brain F*ck#d: A Zombie Cupcake Anthology

Brain F*ck#d: A Zombie Cupcake Anthology
Sex, Brains, and Zombie Rights.

~ A Comedy Anthology brought to you by Zombie Cupcake Press ~ Sex with Zombies by P. Mattern "In a politically challenging climate, Rocker Zombie Van Miller sets his sights on Velvet, the 'Tick' (human) girl of his dreams."

Zoe and the Stiff by Tressa Rabbit

Zoe has a fetish. To her, there’s nothing sexier than a man with a name hanging between his cold, undead toes. She can't get enough of the smell of rotting flesh. In her free time, she attends rallies for zombie rights, hoping to meet the man of her dreams. When she finally meets Ed, there's no time for cool feet. Instead, she plunges forward into an encounter with him that will help her obtain her goal of becoming a zombie stripper: Dancing for a fee, devouring for free. After all, zombies are people too. Sort of.

Dead Harlots by Melissa Essenmacher Liv is a zombie. Brane is a human. Fighting on different sides at a Zombie Rights Rally, what happens when they come together? When chaos erupts just remember, Zombie lives matter! Or do they?

Guess Who Is For Dinner? By Desiree King Zoey puts a whole new spin on the meet the parent's stress. Come on join the dinner party and watch the chaos as this suburban family is confronted the very thing they avoid in this world, a zombie.

Reanimated by Jessica Collins Charlotte Jones’ life is about to change, or is it death? Either way, she’s different… she’s horny… and she has her sights set on Jonathan Pike.

Undead Love by Phil Price Being single is tough, especially when you're one of the Undead. Many challenges lie ahead, especially when you're always on heat. Can true love win out? Is true love possible? Can hearts align? Albeit, dead ones.....

Right to Bite by Moxie Darling For Jennifer Tibbots, it’s hard enough being a thirty-three-year-old unmarried mom of two cats, let alone navigating the afterdeath. When she finds herself in the middle of an awkward, post-earlobe-eating breakup, she begins to fall apart. (Not literally, of course, thanks to the Z-Barrier supplement.) Can a blond-haired, blue-eyed redneck nurse named Juan with a pro-zombie agenda turn her night and her undead life around?

The Devil's Plague by T. M. Sullivan The Devil’s Plague shockingly hit the world five years ago infecting people across the globe, turning them into zombies. Trying to live a normal life, feel free and be treated fairly just like the humans. They will not give up on the quest to become equal citizens.
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