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A Mistress, A Wife

A Mistress, A Wife
What more can Dave desire after reaching the top of the world? Is there more than success, family, and wealth? Enter in sultry Rachelle and nothing else compares. Maybe the wife will want to have a word or two in A Mistress and A Wife.

Feeling she had finally found an escape from her past, a young struggling woman is pulled into a web of love only to find a new form of imprisonment. Dare she tread when her heart tells her to run like the wind?

The many twists and turns surround a beautiful seductress who has to learn that love in a gilded cage has rusted hinges when she becomes forced into seclusion by a wife who is determined to stop the lovers. Rachelle sees firsthand how the heart can be shattered into many pieces.

Rachelle is forever linked to Dave and in a passionate interlude; she is oblivious of any danger to her life. She is expected to blindly trust him, but can she? Dave will do everything in his power to save her life. He makes deals with his nemesis, but while saving her, can he save himself?

Nightmares are engulfed with intense passion where taboos become a normal sequence of events. Swirls of moral compasses become obsolete to Rachelle and Dave. Soon, the past catches up with both of them. The mirror of love cracks from revenge of the broken glass hearts of others.

Arline Miller, the author has created for the reader a voyeuristic adventure through the listener Destaina, a young lady who becomes personally intrigued by Rachelle’s story. Who is Destaina and why must Rachelle feel compelled to warn her of the dangers lurking?

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About the Book

Book Trailer:

“If he was involved in anything it had to be a masterpiece.”

I decided to read A Mistress, A Wife because author Arline Miller is one of the most joyful people I have met on Twitter. The cover of her book captivated me, too.

This is the story of a love triangle, but not a typical triangle at all. Rachelle is a young woman, a blend of sensuality and innocence, when she captivates Dave. Rachelle narrates much of the story. Dave is an older business man, successful, urbane, hard-charging, and handsome with a firm jaw. He is so entranced by Rachelle that he takes her for his own, Pygmalion-like. She becomes his willing creation.

“Whatever it is; I am here. What ever happened to you, I will remain.”

In the shadows of the story, is Dave’s wife, Vivian. Drink and despair have ruined Vivian and have literally made her a shadow. The author uses lyrical language and beautiful thoughts to describe the passions and struggles of the two women as they orbit Dave. Dave, Vivian, and Rachelle are all well-developed characters. The settings, from New York to a vacation island, are also described in detail. I was moved by the compassionate presentation of Rachelle’s sad past.

This is an engrossing romance. You will experience the characters’ joys, intimate delights, and their deepest pains. You will cry as the characters learn and grow. There are several plot twists, and the ending is satisfying and positive but not a typical happily ever after.

“Let us place only good memories in our treasure chest…”
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