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The Little Giants as the Mysterious Six in the Supernatural Great Escape (Volume 2)

The Little Giants as the Mysterious Six in the Supernatural Great Escape (Volume 2)
The Mysterious Six are at it again! When Mr. Higgins asks the young detective’s club to investigate the strange going’s on in the middle of the night at the back of his property, the experienced mystery-solvers rise to the challenge. He hands them a very peculiar key and they find themselves exploring caves and dark tunnels, never realizing the grave danger they are in. Throughout it all, King Jesus, and His angels are responding to a very powerful weapon that the Little Giants are learning to wield; the weapon of prayer. Their simple prayers turn everything around and what starts out as something terrible turns into tremendous victory! Hang on to your hats as you join them in The Supernatural Great Escape!
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Earlier, as Bailey had stopped to check out the small side cave, she suddenly heard men’s voices coming from the direction the others had gone.  They certainly weren’t very nice sounding voices so she figured it wouldn’t hurt to just wait and see what was going on.  When the others didn’t call for her to come and join them she knew that something was wrong.  She turned off her flashlight and listened.  Before too long the voices started getting louder and she realized that they were coming back in her direction.  She heard them come through the keyhole door and then heard the door grind shut.  Her heart sank because she had planned to run out as soon as they went by and go get help but now she was locked in with them.  She crawled farther into the little cave, trying to be as quiet as she could.  Pretty soon she saw the light outside the little cave getting brighter and knew they were just a few feet away.  She held her breath, afraid that they might notice her tracks leading into the opening.

Wait, don’t breathe, listen, she thought to herself.  They were right at the opening when she heard Emily’s voice and then that of a gruff sounding man. She let out a sigh of relief as they all continued to walk past.

A thought occurred to her as she sat in the darkness, I bet that money was stolen from the bank and those guys are the robbers!

“Lord, what do I do now?” she softly whispered as she sat there in the dark.  She could still hear them talking a distance away and for several minutes pondered what to do.  She began feeling around on the wall of the cave and wondered how far back it went.

“Lord, should I check it out or stay put?” she asked Him as she stared into the darkness. After considering all of her options, she felt His answer was to find out how far back the little cave went.  She turned and began crawling on her hands and knees expecting to bump into the back wall any time.  It wasn’t tall enough to stand up in, but to her surprise the cave just kept going and pretty soon she realized it wasn’t a cave at all, but another tunnel!

She decided to put her flashlight inside her jacket and turn it on so it wouldn’t put out much light. She certainly didn’t want those creepy men to discover her, but groping around in the dark wasn’t much fun either.  She went further on down the tunnel on her hands and knees and before too long she felt for the tunnel ceiling and found that it had gotten a lot taller. She might actually be able to stand up.  She stood up ever so slowly and it was then that she distinctly felt something sitting on her back and she froze in her tracks.

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