Top 10 FAQ about the RRR

Before we get into the questions about what the RRR is, let us clarify what the RRR is NOT:

*We are NOT a book club
*We are NOT a paid-review site
*We are NOT a book sales site

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Now that that’s cleared up, let us tell you what we ARE 🙂

  1. What is the RRR?
    The RRR serves three purposes:
    1. a library where readers can find REAL reviews for potential book purchases
    2. a site where authors can list their books and have REAL reviewers choose them and review them
    3. a site where authors can receive promotion for their titles
  2. How do I submit my book for the RRR site?
    You can send your buy links to A few members of our team, seasoned authors, will vet your titles and decide if they are suitable for our site. If we approve your titles, we will provide instructions on how to proceed in listing.

  3. Will my book be guaranteed a review or listing?
    No. Every book we list is vetted by our committee for quality. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we do let you know, per book, if we see any glaring issues. As well, we don’t accept all books. And just because we accept one title by a certain author, doesn’t mean we will accept all titles by that author.We also do not guarantee a review for every book listed.Our reviewers are not influenced personally, professionally, or monetarily about reviews.Every book is chosen at the discretion of each reviewer. And no author can “buy” their way into a listing on the RRR site.
  4. How much does it cost to list with the RRR?
    Once approved, we list up to 3 titles for just $9.95/year or unlimited titles for $14.95/year. This is an introductory rate and is subject to change over time. There are no hidden fees or agendas with the RRR.
  5. How long will my book be listed on the RRR site?
    Each book is available on the RRR site for one year, and the listing can be renewed by paying the listing fee at renewal time each year.
  6. If I’m an author and wish to be a reviewer, will my books be promoted on the site?
    That is the trade off as an RRR reviewer. Since we are all about promoting and propelling our clients (others), we do not list the books of reviewers, if they are authors, except on special occasions.
    If you would like to have your books promoted by the RRR, please submit the buy links to Otherwise, you may opt to be a reviewer on our team and build your brand as a sought-after book reviewer by affiliation of the site.
  7. Are the reviews posted anywhere besides the RRR?
    Yes. Though we like to keep our reviews indigenous to the RRR site, we do encourage the reviewers to post their feedback on their personal blogs and social media. As well, we post our reviews (as a company) on our social media sites. We do now post on Amazon, though they show up as non-verified purchase reviews. But they do count toward the author’s overall status.
     Any author who wishes to opt-in to having his or her reviews posted on Amazon must sign a waiver giving RRR permission to do so, without backlash from the author, or being held responsible for any issues regarding book sales or reviews.As well, the RRR will not pick and choose reviews. If an author gives us permission to post, we will share ALL reviews.Authors who list with us provide Mobi or PDF copies of their books so that we have multiple copies on hand to distribute in the case that multiple reviewers choose the same book. This saves our clients money, and our reviewers time.

    We do provide buy links on each book’s page, so that once a visitor reads the honest review on our site, it may encourage him/her to go purchase the book on his/her preferred retail site.It’s best to simply think of the RRR as an extra site that provides trustworthy reviews authors can send their potential readers to to learn more about their books.

  8. What’s with the colored worms?
    Since the RRR is unique in all of our practices, we decided to also incorporate our own rating system. Many authors receive star ratings on other sites, without any helpful feedback on how to fix/change things that readers may find undesirable or confusing about a book.
    Not only do we strive to offer thoughtful, helpful reviews, we also offer unique rating badges.Green Bookworm = 3 stars on other sites
    Blue Bookworm = 4 stars on other sites
    Gold Bookworm = 5 stars on other sitesWe also offer ranking badges – similar to the “overall ratings” on other sites that use stars.Once a single title earns at least three of one color bookworm, it receives a ranking badge to reflect that color of bookworm accordingly.For example: a title earns the following: 3 gold, 2 blue, and 1 green. That title earns a GOLD Bookworm ranking badge to be placed anywhere the authors wishes to share online! A GOLD Bookworm is NOT easy to come by 🙂


  9. Do I get my money back if I don’t receive a review or increased book sales?
    We do not offer refunds on listings. Our fees are more than reasonable and there are no hidden fees or agendas with the RRR. We do not guarantee a title will be reviewed, since we clearly state that our reviewers choose which titles they’d like to read.
    We offer each author every opportunity to provide quality book covers, teasers, excerpts, trailer links, and any other resource he/she would like to offer to help intrigue our reviewers and our visitors. Beyond that, the only thing we promise is honest reviews, should your title be chosen, and announcements on social media upon listing.
  10. What are the other benefits to listing with the RRR?
    To help an author increase his/her title’s review count, we do allow “other reviews” (reviews by non-RRR team reviewers) on a book’s page.
    Here is how this works:
    1. The author contacts someone who has previously reviewed that particular book, even if the review is on Amazon or Goodreads.
    2. Since the reader who wrote the review owns the right to it, he/she must personally send the review to the RRR. We will vet it for authenticity and list it on that book’s page if we approve.
    3. We will also assign a ribbon to that title according to the star rating that the reviewer gives it.For example: if the reviewer gives the book a 5-star rating on Amazon, we will assign a gold RRR ribbon accordingly (not a Bookworm).