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The importance of reviews for an author simply can’t be overstated…nor can the challenges involved in attaining them. Readers Review Room is more than a service to help you gather reviews. RRR is your partner. I am proud to have had my three self-published novels listed with Readers Review Room since the organization’s beginning, and through our partnership I have not only received reviews for my books, I’ve also received continual exposure and promotion. What’s more, the reviews have been from the best kinds of readers: those who are engaged, eloquent, and passionate about story. RRR is the partner I needed…and that I’m pretty confident you need, as well. Bethany Turner, Author

Traci Sanders you are always so wonderful and supportive to all the authors! I just wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciate everything that you do to try to help us shine! May you always have an abundance of success my friend! Cortina Jackson, Author

Thank you Traci for all your help and support. Karen Power, Author

Thank you for the vote of confidence, Traci. Much appreciated. Donald Montano, Author


As an author, I have joined groups where I can list my books before. In past experiences, my books have been listed and money has been collected, but then thats it. No extra promotions. No extra reviews. Readers Review Room is not “just another book listing site.” They stand behind their listed books by encouraging reviews and consistently promoting on social media, through their news letters and other various means. I am incredibly thrilled with the extra publicity RRR is providing! I don’t feel like I listed my books with a site and I am now sitting in the bottom of a hole somewhere never to be seen. Thank you, Reader’s Review Room for all you do!! Erica Graham


What I like about RRR as a reviewer is that there is no pressure and I get to choose from the wide variety of books offered on the site. If I wish to interact with the authors, purely as a reader/fan, it is possible. It always feels good to see more authors submit their books, and more reviewers join in. What makes me especially enthusiastic, being a mother and a teacher, is seeing children and teen reviewers offer their reviews; it’s a wonderful way to promote reading and I know authors value opinions from their target audience. Anita Kovacevic, Reviewer


As an RRR reviewer, I am delighted to be able to encourage and support quality Indie authors. Readers Review Room gets a “Gold Bookworm Award” from me. RRR is a professional and positive resource that provides a unique service to readers and authors. Jena C. Henry, Reviewer