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Series: The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher

The Purloined Pictograph (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher) (Volume 2)

The Purloined Pictograph (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher) (Volume 2)

A priceless artifact is stolen, one that might change the world.

Tremain, an eccentric scientist, is looking forward to the expedition he and his nephew Christopher have been invited to observe. There are a lot of questions about the history of New Earth. Using his unique skills he hopes to help uncover the secrets of what really happened to the Mayflower people.

But then he learns the truth. Aziza, an old flame, believes the artifact indicates a weapon and wants his help to obtain it. She craves power at any cost. Sending Christopher home to alert the authorities, Tremain decides to help her... but only so he can stop her. She betrayed him once and he knows she'll do it again. He's not about to put a destructive weapon in her hands.

What they find will have them rethinking the colony planet's history. Can Tremain stop Aziza from using their past to destroy the planet's future?

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