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Series: Style and Profile

All This Time: A Romantic Suspense Novel: Treachery, Greed and Psychosis (Style & Profile Series Book 1)

All This Time: A Romantic Suspense Novel: Treachery, Greed and Psychosis (Style & Profile Series Book 1)

ALL THIS TIME is a romantic suspense novel. Book 1 in the Style & Profile Series.

Marriage of Convenience, Best Friend Romance:

Can Jenny and Trevor make a life together while uncovering a common enemy? Treachery, Greed, and Psychosis threaten to tear it all apart.

At thirty, Jenny Morgan’s biological clock is ticking. But as a fashion magazine CEO with a busy schedule and no significant other, her wish is unlikely to come true. When her father receives a potentially terminal diagnosis, he longs for a grandchild before he dies. With her religious beliefs, a sperm donor isn’t an alternative. Jenny’s only immediate available option is her single co-worker and best friend, Trevor Drake. Can she really trust him to be a good husband?

Trevor has loved Jenny since college, but she only sees him as a friend with no ambition. After he learns of her predicament, he proposes and sets out to prove he can provide everything she needs. Jenny is determined to have a prenuptial agreement with an “out” clause after one year. Can Trevor convince Jenny of his love by then?

As if they don’t have enough on their plate, someone at the magazine is out to stop their wedding and their impending parenthood, and destroy the magazine’s reputation. Jenny is nearly killed in a sabotage attempt.

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Book 2: Before We Wed - June 2017

Book 3: For The Defense - 2018 More info →
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Before We Wed: A Romantic Suspense Novel (Style & Profile Book 2)

Before We Wed: A Romantic Suspense Novel (Style & Profile Book 2)

A Steamy Romantic Suspense New Release in the Style & Profile series by Author, Kim Cox

Just as Sarah Martin and Jon Clayton say their vows, the police crash the wedding to arrest the groom. Jon is terrified and Sarah is heartbroken. Thankfully, their friends support them emotionally and help find Jon an excellent attorney.

When evidence of John’s guilt is found, he swears he's innocent. But how can he prove it? As if an arrest and pending trial aren't bad enough, his ex-wife refuses to let him near their seven-year-old son, and has their shared custody agreement rescinded as part of his bail agreement. But when Jon-Jon is injured, Jon breaks the agreement and his bail is revoked.

Sarah sees strange men in Jon’s business one night. One follows her home and attacks her. When Jon finds out, he pushes her way to protect her, but it doesn’t deter her loyalty to him or the attacker’s determination to killer her. Will the enemy get to her?

Is Jon truly innocent, and does he have no idea how the damaging evidence found its way into his business? Are there more sinister people involved? Will Sarah find the evidence she needs to clear him, or will she find out he's fooled them all? If someone else is framing Jon, who is it and what are their motives?

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