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Margot Gets An Unexpected Visit

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Margot gets an unexpected visit: The fanciful adventures of a grounghog (Nature in Quebec, Pictures of Astonishing Wildlife Book 1)

Margot gets an unexpected visit: The fanciful adventures of a grounghog (Nature in Quebec, Pictures of Astonishing Wildlife Book 1)
As all groundhogs, Margot doesn’t like to have others around her. Certainly not humans. But is this also the case when she meets up with two little girls? You’ll find out in this book.

You will also enjoy the unique and touching photo-images of nature in Quebec, and an unpredictable anecdote on the special haircut for ice hockey fans.

‪Fiction (5 – 9 y)

Genre: children’s fantasy and nature


This is the first book in the series ‘Nature in Quebec: Surprising Pictures of Astonishing Wildlife’.

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The photographs and images were cleverly input into the story. I could imagine reading it to a five or six year old and they becoming immersed in the story. I enjoyed it, though I am not five or six and would recommend it to parents whose children love animals.

Marie and her sister Lowieske are from Belgium and, like me, did not know what a woodchuck was prior to their meeting with Margot. The images of the groundhog wearing glasses etc. were amusing and again this would appeal to children. I found the text a little hard to read but that is an easy thing to remedy particularly if I am reading the story to young children, who are mostly interested in the images and how I deliver the story.
I bought this book on recommendation and enjoyed it.

Submitted by Maria Matthews


This is a delightful book with beautiful photographs and a story that children will love. Full of fascinating facts about woodchucks, I like how the author has given the animals some characteristics that children can relate to, such as sports, hairdressing, physical differences, etc. Older children will find it useful for school projects, while younger children will love to look at the pictures and perhaps make up their own stories for Margot.

Submitted by Helen Pryke

This book is a lovely approach to combining a children's nature encyclopedia of animals with a children's story.

Getting children to actually meet and communicate with Margot the Groundhog, thus being acquainted with forest animals, and also introducing the animal to human activities such as sports can easily be used in a classroom, or as fun reading for children who truly love nature. There is enough plot here for two separate books, so I do believe it would profit from being split into two parts or two books, and it would strengthen the focus of children on each of the aspects. The characters are lovely and children can relate to them.

Two aspects of the book give it that special flare - 1. beautiful photos of the nature and animals instead of illustrations (some are filtered and have additional sticker effects which the kids will find fun), 2. the obvious love the author has for nature and animals, and wants to convey that love to the children. The text is placed on the photos which sometimes makes it slightly difficult to read, but not so much it would deter you from the story. Considering the fact that the author is turning it into a series of adventures, this is a very promising start.

The overall layout and the intent of the book are commendable, and I can easily see it as a well-loved gift for any child aged cca 4-10 who enjoys nature and loves to discover facts about animals.

This review is written for the Readers Review Room, awarding the book the blue bookworm.

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