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Jena C. Henry

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Jena is a writer, blogger, book reviewer, and bon vivant. Her goal is to make friends with everyone in the world. Jena enjoys reading new books and encouraging writers to be their best.

Jena holds a juris doctor degree from the University of Akron and practiced law and raised her family in tropical Ohio. Now retired, she writes novels, conducts writing workshops and enjoys good times with friends and family.

She prefers to read Education & Reference, Historical Romance & Fiction, Short Stories & Anthologies. She will consider Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction& Fantasy. She will also review romance, not erotica, and doesn’t have any interest/experience with children’s books or YA.

In addition to being a fantastic RRR reviewer (having reviewed more than 50 books!), an admin, Advisory Board member, and the editor of our weekly Book Blast, Jena is a talented author.

Her fiction series, The Golden Age of Charli, spotlights the love and laughter of family life and retirement.

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