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August – Elizabeth Horton-Newton

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Elizabeth is a passionate and committed reviewer. She is also a good friend to RRR. As an avid reader, Liz enjoys almost every genre, having read mysteries since she was a little girl, from Sherlock Holmes and to the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. While she suffers from an intense addiction to Stephen King, especially his short stories, her favorite book is from Harper Lee – “To Kill a Mockingbird.” She is happy to read and review all genres. Violence and erotica are fine and she has even reviewed children’s books. Liz will guarantee an honest review. Elizabeth has reviewed well over 30 books so far for RRR.
Read Elizabeth’s reviews for the RRR here:
In addition to being an amazing reviewer, Elizabeth is a talented, multi-genre author. Find out more about her books here:


Thanks for your support, Elizabeth! 

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