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Karen Herzog

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My name is Karen and I’m an avid reader.  The genres I like are fiction, historical fiction, mystery.
I don’t do horror, thrillers, vampire-type genres.
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The Cornish Knot (The PastFinders Book 1)

The Cornish Knot (The PastFinders Book 1)

She sought solace; she found confusion.

Megan was at her lowest ebb on the anniversary of her husband’s death when a mysterious parcel arrived. Intrigued by the exquisite journal written in the early years of the 20th century by an unknown hand, she travels to Cornwall in search of its history - and a new life.

Shocked by what she learns, Megan follows the journal to Paris and then Florence in search of her family history. She becomes entangled with the world of art and exposes secrets that change her life. Along the way, she finds new family and forges new friendships, but will she ever find love again?

The PastFinders stories set in New Zealand, Cornwall and Italy. More info →
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The Stationmaster’s Cottage: River’s End Love Story (Book One)

The Stationmaster’s Cottage: River’s End Love Story (Book One)

A rich and powerful romance set in two eras. A gripping story of fiercely protected secrets, courage, betrayal, redemption, and true love.

Christie’s carefully constructed life turns upside-down with the inheritance of an abandoned cottage in an Australian coastal town. The discovery of old love letters draws her into the heart wrenching world of Thomas and Martha in a fifty-year-old mystery.

She seeks help from Martin, a reclusive artist with a lifelong contempt for her family, and his own reasons to protect the past. As the secrets unravel, so does Christie’s safe world. Will her obsession to right the wrongs of the past lead her to heartbreak or happiness?

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