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Ami May

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Anyone else hate writing about themselves? Nope. Just me then.

My name is Ami-May. I’m 24 years young. I have been reading for as long as I can remember. My favourite author growing up was Jaqueline Wilson. Then and still is – Cathy Glass, I just love reading about true life events whether it’s about abuse, mental health etc. It was her first book Cut that grabbed me and I’ve never let go.

I swear like a sailor and I am way too honest. I am not quite sure, if that is a good or bad thing to be honest. Some profanity may exist in my reviews. Uncensored, yes you guessed it. Truthful reviews with added profanity and humour. Opinions because, if my cat could talk she would give you plenty.

What genres do I read? Well that’s a tricky one. I will read almost anything but, I guess my favourites have to be: Crime,Thrillers,Suspense,Romance,General fictions, Young adult & Non fiction. My least has to be fantasy and horror. But I will try anything once.

I won’t bore you with the long version. I suffer with mental health, fibromyalgia and CFS/M.E. Due to this, I am disabled. So reading is the only thing that I can manage. So this is my outlet and a way to connect to the world.

Anything else?

Oh Geez, Erm I have a slight obsession with murder, serial killers & true crime. Love anything about them! Sorry, Netflix, you need to catch up. I read and watch every book & documentary I can.

I used to do lots of crafting, from cross-stitching, knitting, card making & sewing. I stopped, when I got to ill but I really need to pick it up again.

Can you meet Shyla? Well nope, she’s all mine, but I will tell you about her.

I had just moved into my first proper home and 4 months in, I knew I wanted and needed an companion. I found her advertised on a Facebook group. I don’t know why but I just had this strong feeling that I needed to grab her. She was delivered via the owner’s friend. I was told she was a feral and that she had been fixed ( nope she wasn’t). It was quite clear from that first day, something was wrong. Feral’s are feisty little tinkers and it can take a while for them to trust you. But she absolutely hated men, and still does. She goes mental. Anyway, the vet concluded that she had to have been abused by a male. She hates doors being closed whether you’re in the room or not. It took a lot of patience and love to help calm her and minimize her attacks, hissing, growling etc. Well 4.5 years on, she is the most lovable cat you would wish for. Yes she still has her moments but that makes her the cat she is. She is an indoor cat, she won’t entertain going outside but she has many toys and she is truly spoiled. I think it was fate and she is basically the cat version of me. Well apart from just sitting on books than reading them, especially when mummy wants to read.

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