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So, you’ve written a book (or many books) and you’ve spent a great deal of time and money to reach readers and gain reviews. Perhaps you’ve even run a few ads on Facebook or Amazon, to no avail. 

What if it were easier?

What if you could be part of a community of readers who revel in discovering new authors to connect with and offer honest, thoughtful feedback once they’ve finished a book. 

The Readers Review Room is that place. 

We have a team of dedicated readers, from all walks of life, who choose books from our site and offer honest reviews. Not just one liners but authentic, insightful reviews. 

The best part about listing with us is we also promote your books in genre showcases with other similar titles, to offer maximum value to continuously draw more readers into our community.

We have a highly engaged Facebook group of over 1000 members as well, where we offer specific days for our listed authors to share their work and gain new fans. 

For less than a dime per day, authors can list one of their books on our site for an entire year and receive the following:

*one-year listing on our site
a beautifully designed listing page that includes anything YOU choose to share – book trailers, promo images, excerpts

*a free initial evaluation with our founder and branding coach, Traci Sanders, to help you make the most of your membership with the RRR

*quarterly evaluations during your membership year to assess your progress and offer suggestions for future success

*exposure to our team reviewers – each reviewer chooses which books he/she wants to review, so your feedback will be honest and derive from your target audience

*membership in our closed FB group – for engagement, networking, and resources (As a listed author, you are able to share your book specials and events with us in the group. General members are not allowed promotion.)

*one e-copy of Living The Write Life by Traci Sanders

*one customize promo image for each of your listed books, to do with as you please

*a badge to place on your blog/social media pages to proclaim your book listings with the RRR

*access to ongoing contests and activities with the RRR Facebook group

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I post my books in the FB group or on the FB page?
No self-promotion is needed since the RRR handles all promotion for listed authors. You are able to share news about book signings or events and share your listed books that are free during our Friday Freebie post.

2. Are extra promotional services available?
Customized promotions are available upon request. We also offer affordable, customized FB ads. Please email us for pricing. 

3. Where and how are my books promoted?
We promote each stand-alone title in genre showcases on our FB page and Twitter each day, and we group similar titles to offer more value to readers. This also minimizes our posts per day and allows more frequent visibility for each post.

4. What can I do to get more reviews for my book?
Engage in the FB group, build relationships, enhance your RRR book page with promo images, book trailers, an author bio, and Best Book Bits.
*When you share the RRR link with your followers, you are offering VALUE for them – helping them find another source for great books, even if they don’t read your particular genre. You become a resource and THAT builds a connection as well.

5. Are there any other special ways to get more exposure for my book?
Yes. Once your book has received 3 Bookworm reviews from our team, it earns a ranking badge. We offer GOLD and BLUE ranking badges in digital format and stickers for paperbacks.
You are welcome to purchase a lifetime-usage image of a ranking badge once your book has earned it. This can be applied to any book that has earned this honor.

Here are the links for purchasing the badges:

Also, we offer Author of the Month honors for those who are actively engaged with our community, Blog Boast – where we feature one blog per month, and Books of the Month and weekly Book Blasts, which are rotated.

6. Are my books guaranteed reviews?
We do not guarantee reviews for listing. We DO guarantee promotion for your books and exposure to our reviewers. Our reviewers CHOOSE which books they read/review, so every author has a fair playing field.

7. What and when am I allowed to post in the FB group:

Monday – open to all members of the group to comment on the Make Today Amazing post.

Tuesday – open to all members of the group to comment on the Tuesday Tips – share tutorial blog posts, tips on using social media, or tips on writing, publishing, or editing.

Wednesday – open to all members of the group to comment with their Works In Progress, even readers.

Thursday – open to all members of the group to share any exciting news – book related or not. No book links.

Friday – open to LISTED AUTHORS ONLY and ONLY concerning books that are listed with us, to share links for PUBLISHED BOOKS that are free during that week.

Saturday – open to all members of the group to share their LIFE story, not book links, to network with others. This can be a separate post, but would get more attention if it’s a comment on the Saturday themed post.

We will also have a Saturday Social (chit chat) question or statement that’s open for all to comment on.
Sunday – open to all members of the FB group. This is the ONLY day you are welcome to share up to 3 social media links to connect with others. Sharing Amazon pages does not typically work. This is more about following blogs and social media platforms.

If you have books listed in Kindle Unlimited, please let us know so we can add those to our KU page.

If you have an in-person or online event coming up, please let us know and we’ll announce it in the group.

Submissions are free. 


If you’d like to have your books considered for listing with the RRR, please send your Amazon (US) buy links to us at


IF we choose to list your book(s), our listing prices are as follows: (our yearly listing fees are lower than ONE weekly promotion elsewhere)

$35 per year for one book
(We list connected series as one book, and only Book 1 is promoted, though all books in the series are listed. Stand-alone titles are listed separately)

$15 per year for each subsequent listed title


Once you receive an approval confirmation email, we will provide instructions for sending payment. If we decline a title, we’ll let you know what you need to do to bring it up to our standards for listing.

**Payment will not be requested unless we approve your title(s). Not all titles are approved, regardless of payment attempts.

Titles are chosen at the discretion of the RRR reviewers. No refunds will be issued for lack of reviews or book sales. 

If you have questions about any of these policies or procedures, please email us at