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Our Ratings


Here in the Readers Review Room, we are all about building Indie authors up rather than tearing them down with negative feedback, and many of our reviewers are Indie authors as well. We are all about keeping the Indie industry alive and thriving; therefore, our reviews are always honest and intended to educate and/or encourage an author to make his/her writing the best it can be.

There are a few different levels of reviews an author can receive from our team. They are similar in relation to three, four, and five star reviews that you might receive elsewhere, but we have our own unique system.



This means that the story was enjoyable enough for the reviewer to finish it; however, there may have been a number of grammatical errors or inconsistencies in the story that need to be addressed. It’s important to remember that this rating is not bad; it’s just not the best an author can receive. He or she may want to take another sweep over the story and/or have it professionally edited once more to garner a better rating. This is a story a reviewer may not recommend to his/her friends in its current condition but, with a few changes by the author, may be persuaded otherwise.



This means that the story was quite enjoyable to for the reviewer. The characters were well-developed and engaging, and the writing was fairly tight. There may have been a few grammatical errors here and there, but the story was strong enough to keep the reviewer engaged. This is a story a reviewer would definitely recommend to his/her friends.



This is the highest rating we offer at the RRR. If an author is awarded this rating, it means the reviewer loved everything about the story. The characters were well-developed, the plot was engaging, and the writing was compelling. This DOES NOT mean there were no grammatical errors found within. It simply means the story was written well enough to supersede anything else.