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15 Seconds to World Peace

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15 Seconds to World Peace: An easy and practical way to create inner peace and contribute to world harmony

15 Seconds to World Peace: An easy and practical way to create inner peace and contribute to world harmony
15 Seconds to World Peace demonstrates how you can attain inner peace and, at the same time, contribute to peace in the world. You will learn an easy technique for changing your consciousness to allow peace in your life; why thoughts become things; how you can easily change your life experience; how to create improvement in our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being; scientific principles that govern change and how you can use them to accelerate our growth; how, in 15 seconds, you can change your life forever.
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About the Book
A cynic would grin and pass 15 Seconds to World Peace, or even pick it up just to be able to dispute its facts. But I don't want to be a cynic; I want the apparent dream in the title to be real(ized), so I decided to read it.

The author tries to explain a simple method of turning positive thinking into a normal daily routine, much like sipping your morning coffee or waiting for the traffic light to change. She honestly believes that once we do our tiny 15-second part, we are changing the world.

Let me admit the strength of my conviction is nowhere near the author's. It would be hypocrisy to claim the opposite. But I am hoping to get there, because I know, from my own life experience, that positivity and kindness will breed more positivity and kindness. Perhaps not every time, but certainly more often than negativity, which never ever produces positive results (unless you are strong enough to embrace it as a learning experience). My only regret is not hearing the author actually speak these words. She provides examples, quotes and testimonials from people she has met through her life, and that is all commendable for a self-help guide such as this, but the power and depth of the author's convictions come out strongest when she speaks from her own heart, in her own voice - you can almost hear it in your head.

So I do encourage you to give this book a go. If it creates even a spark of hope in you, it has already made an impact. And I am always up for embracing kindness and inspiring motivation. Changing the world 15 seconds at a time? Why not try?! Change for the better has been overdue for far too long.
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