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Jazz Baby

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This book was a little graphic and dirty for my taste. I prefer a sweet love story … but the writing was so incredible, I couldn’t put it down! Practically every other sentence was sprinkled with personification in a way that I have never encountered, and I’ve read many books. The author had a way of pulling you into the story so seamlessly you could almost “feel” everything that was happening to the characters. The biggest surprise to me was that the author is a man and he wrote the story from the perspective of a young girl coming into womanhood better than most women could have told it!

I would definitely check out other books by this author simply because I recognize superb writing when I see it. Great job!





Beem Weeks is a talented writer whose skill with dialogue and setting will pull you into the 1920’s poverty of the Deep South and will not let you go until the end. The pace of Jazz Baby moved a bit too fast for me at times, as I kept hoping for more reflection and depth from protagonist Baby Teegarten about everything that was happening to her. There is a real sense of tragedy at the heart of this story, as such a young girl is more often seen as an object to be used and abused by others for their pleasure and monetary gain, than for her talent. Although there were glimpses of character complexity at times, as Baby moved from one tragedy and heartache to the next, I felt the author narrowly missed the opportunity for the reader to gain real insight into just who Baby really is, and how each of these events shaped her along the way. That personal preference aside the author captured a unique time and place, and touched on many of the relevant issues of racial divide, drugs, and violence, that we still experience today almost 100 years later. If for no other reason read this novel for the truly extraordinary writing; I will certainly be happy to read anything Mr. Weeks writes in the future.




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  1. Beem Weeks says

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I am truly humbled by your review of Jazz Baby.

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