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Lives Collide

What reviewers are saying about Lives Collide:

“This is the author’s debut novel and it is a solid and intriguing story. There are many sexual scenes which are compelling.”

“Kristina Beck is a master at weaving subplots that matter into a story to create a suspenseful page turner. It starts out with a compelling event that becomes the catalyst for every little thing that happens in these characters’ lives.”

“The story flows well. The author took time to develop James and Lisa’s relationship. It was believable and not rushed. I loved the intensity they had when they finally let go.”


You can plan your life, but sometimes life has a mind of its own…

Following Lisa’s near-death experience as a teenager, she is haunted by the emerald-green eyes of the stranger who saved her life. Her only connection to him is the leather jacket he left behind. Years later, she’s still reeling from the aftereffects of her injuries, convinced that no man will love her once he uncovers her secret. She lives a life of solitude and hides behind her days of monotony. And then James storms into her life. 

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The Stationmaster’s Cottage:

What reviewers are saying about The Stationmaster’s Cottage

“I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a short romantic story with a little bit of history. “

“If you’re looking for a beautiful, romantic story that will keep you captivated until the end, this is the perfect book.”

“Upon seeing the cover of The Stationmaster’s Cottage, I was immediately transfixed and curious about what Phillipa Nefri Clark had written on the pages within. “


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A rich and powerful romance set in two eras. A gripping story of fiercely protected secrets, courage, betrayal, redemption, and true love.

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If I Had Said


What reviewers are saying about If I Had Said:

“The set-up of the story fascinated me and I must applaud the author for being able to write such a unique story. At first I wondered if I would be confused, but the author took care to keep each storyline distinct and equally mesmerizing.” 

“This is a beautifully told story that will draw readers in with its poetic phrasing and thoughts. We are told that the name “Nyssa” means “new beginnings”. I highly recommend this book and I believe it might start a new beginning in a reader’s own life. “


Nyssa Lakin is twenty years old when her boyfriend, Reese, proposes marriage, and she finds herself unable to give him an immediate answer. She loves him, but at this stage in her life, with so many unanswered questions still ahead, is she really ready for marriage?

“How I regretted that I was unable to throw my arms around Reese’s neck and cry out that age-old refrain from every romantic movie I’d ever watched as a child…I would always stare at the screen, and want to shout at them, ‘But how can you know for sure?'”

Nyssa’s choice will determine the direction of her life. In concurrent storylines, If I Had Said examines how Nyssa’s future plays out in the aftermath of this significant decision. One narrative follows the next ten years in the life of Nyssa Nowles, who said yes to Reese’s proposal; the other, the life of Nyssa Lakin, who said no. Through hardship, joy, and sorrow, as well as occasional misgivings about whether she did the right thing, each version of Nyssa works hard to overcome the challenges of the journey that follows her decision.

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Caught Between Two Worlds

What reviewers are saying about Caught Between Two Worlds:

“Caught Between Two Worlds is a page turner. I liked not knowing what was going on until Veronica did. The description of Egypt, the customs, and language was vivid. It made you feel like you were there.”

“The main thing I found wrong with this book is that I could not put it down. Loved the story line and it flowed smoothly. It gave a good impression of what life is like in the Arab countries.” 


“Watch over her,” I heard Salah Ali saying, crystal clear.

I shook Peter’s arm off my shoulders.

“If you two are discussing the price, don’t! I’m no man’s possession!” I said to Salah Ali.

Both looked at me as though I was some strange species. Salah Ali turned back to Peter.

“Watch over her, very carefully. Al-salāmu ʿalaykum.” Then he left, not saying anything to me.

“What the hell was that?!” Peter turned towards me.

“You’re asking me? You two were discussing it.”

“We certainly were not! How could you say something like that?” Peter sat down in front of me. “Who was he?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“All I know is his name. Salah Ali.”

“And?” Peter’s voice started to tremble and he raked his hand through his hair over and over again.

“And nothing. He accompanied me the first evening when I went riding. You didn’t.”

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