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Dragonblood Throne: Legacy

Ignoring the two scribes fidgeting nervously behind him, Kargoth anxiously watched the cosmic tableau of the moons unfold in the darkened sky from his balcony. The rare, lunar eclipse was only moments away from its apex, the new moon phase of Tibel almost centered within the bright ring of Sianor behind it.

While he would never admit it, not even to himself, Kargoth was fearful as he waited to see if the prophecy was true, if there would be a sign indicating a dragonblood still lived in Almar. The words of that prophecy played continually in his mind as he waited with bated breath.

Ring of the heavens,
Ring shining bright.
Darkness the lesser
Than greater moon’s light.

When the ring glows bright
As the moons above turn,
Blood shows the sign
Of the dragons return.

A dragon reborn
From an innocent child.
The power will grow
As emotions run wild.

The dragon will rise
When all hope seems lost.
All evil will pay
The dragonblood’s cost.

The dragonblood comes,
The darkness will die.
The dragon wings spread
And the dragon will fly.

“Here it comes,” Kargoth said, never removing his gaze from the moons. “Now we’ll see if there is any truth to this prophecy.”

The scribes trembled, fearing their High Lord’s wrath, as Tibel firmly centered itself in front of Sianor. The light in the night lessened momentarily as Tibel covered much of Sianor’s full and bright splendor.

The slim circle of light around Tibel began to burn brightly, becoming a brilliant glowing ring in the night sky. For a moment, the scholars hoped that perhaps the prophecy was false, but a red glow began to fill the darkness of Tibel. It was as if some celestial being had poured a bowl of blood into the mold of the darkened Tibel, now glowing with a red, unearthly light. The eclipse became a white circle filled with a blood-red glow.

The prophecy was true! It was a sign of blood! Of dragonblood!

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Hammers In The Wind: Book I Of The Northern Crusade 


What our reviewers are saying about Hammers In The Wind:

“I loved the story! I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I need to learn what happens. I need to know if love can be saved. Will the people be saved?”

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Watcher (The Water Series Book 1)


“I knew I was not alone. They would never leave until every last one of us was gone.”

I was a part of a team searching the streets of Cytos. Watchers. Together we eliminated any Bots and Carbons that crossed our path. Twelve Bots tonight. Twelve to eliminate. I’d fought more than this at once; twelve was nothing to me.

Standing, I held steady waiting for the right moment as the wind pushed me onward. My lungs filled with the damp, cool air that surrounded me. My long dark hair that was secured in a braid threatened to escape, but I pushed it back. I never feared being seen for I was a shadow. I was head-to-toe covered in black, unseen and unheard, even to my companions.

I checked the line again, mostly out of habit. Then I leaned forward and let gravity take me over the edge as the butterflies moved from my stomach to my throat like they did every time despite my fearlessness. Free-falling ten, twenty, thirty stories before the belt around my waist tightened. The line tethering me to the building held strong as I glided to earth.

I dropped the remaining ten feet. My feet didn’t make a sound as they hit the pavement. Bots could sense human presences, but they hadn’t spotted me. Yet. They walked closer, oblivious as I crouched and hid behind an overturned trash can. One breath in, I took my gun out of its holster. One breath out, I steadied my aim. I knew where to shoot. One more easy breath, and I squeezed the trigger. Once, twice, six shots in all, and they were down, an easy kill as usual.

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