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The Truth Will Out

What our reviewers are saying about The Truth Will Out:

“This story packs a punch from the beginning. Mossman wastes no time getting into the heart of the matter. “

“Despite the dark tone of this book that clearly lives up to its psychological thriller name, Mossman sprinkles romance into the story.” 

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The Stationmaster’s Cottage:

What reviewers are saying about The Stationmaster’s Cottage

“I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a short romantic story with a little bit of history. “

“If you’re looking for a beautiful, romantic story that will keep you captivated until the end, this is the perfect book.”

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A rich and powerful romance set in two eras. A gripping story of fiercely protected secrets, courage, betrayal, redemption, and true love.

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Fantasy Patch


It’s not what you see, not what you get . . . 

But all you could ever imagine. 

“No spoilers but you will be very intrigued, and perhaps puzzled (as I was) by how this story unfolds.”

 “The dialog is spot on, well-constructed throughout.”

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