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Drowning By Numbers

Drowning By Numbers

It's 1994. Blur and Oasis are in the charts. New Labour are on the near horizon. Ladbroke Grove is the place, a thriving hub of art, music and cultural diversity.

Emerging from the wreckage of another lost weekend, Indie Guitarist of the Year, Joe E Byron, hurries home on the Tube to face the consequences of his actions. Ten years on the road has taken its toll. He should be spending more time with Justine and the kids. Instead, he's restless, angry, and in conflict with his manager and the rest of the band. Dark habits threaten his marriage and career. The curse of addiction that will rob him of everything. And at the heart of it all, a yearning to be free, to take off and never come back.

But that can't happen. There's too much at stake.


He's a god.<

He's a legend.

And the only thing worse than dying is the prospect of fading away. More info →
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The Jade Buddha

The Jade Buddha

It is Hong Kong in the nineteen eighties. The British Crown Colony is on the verge of reverting to Chinese rule.

Life is hectic but tentative; there are fears for the future.

The governments of Hong Kong and the United Kingdom are doing all they can to calm local nerves while at the same time pressing Beijing’s rulers to the north for assurances that the rule of law will be maintained. Beneath the surface other forces are at work; criminal forces dating back centuries but still very much alive.

There is a triad war, a war where the winner will amass great power. Some triad gangs are opportunistic small time pimps and extortionists. Others are extremely well organised and control exceptionally high-value narcotics and other illicit business interests. And they are notoriously brutal to their enemies.

The agencies of law enforcement are involved not just in Hong Kong but across the globe. So too is Simon Garrett; unintentionally but intimately involved. Where not only his life is at stake but others who are dear to him.

Their futures are being controlled by a shadowy gangster who will stop at nothing to get what he wants; a green jade Buddha of immense symbolic power.

The Shī fu. More info →
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