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Stealth Moves

Stealth Moves

Boston preppie Liv Smallwood rejects her apathetic lifestyle when she sees her only friend kidnapped. To confront the kidnapper, she'll use social media, Parkour, the nerve of an urban climber, and unstoppable will.

Bodyguard Holly Glasscock's martial arts skills can't help her untangle the dark secrets of the Smallwood family or the interwoven lives of historic Beacon Hill. Forthright Holly sees her dreams of a cop career fade as clever Liv eludes her.

Yet Liv and Holly must join forces to outwit Stealth, the genius whose identity split when his twin died. Torn between his own spider-like plan and his dead brother's growing control over the body they share, Stealth must give Brandon what he wants―and what Brandon wants is Liv Smallwood.

More than a tightly plotted thriller of unrelenting suspense, STEALTH MOVES spotlights female heroes in the real world, doing battle with frighteningly human villains. The mysteries unfold until the final, tantalizing page. More info →
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Stone Cold

Stone Cold

YA supernatural thriller.

Billy has been a target of bullying through her years of schooling. Exams are over but stress leads her to thoughts of suicide. It's her counselor that suggests she volunteers to assist in an archaeological dig in Scotland.

A secluded hostel. The residents start dropping like flies.

Billy knows who the murderer is.

Shane knows he's next to die. More info →
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Lost In Seattle: Miss Apple Pants (Book One)

Lost In Seattle: Miss Apple Pants (Book One)

Ella Jensen is an old soul stuck in a teenager's body, and she doesn't make friends easily. In her senior year of high school, her family moves across the country to Seattle, turning her already-small world upside down. She feels alone and lost… But then she finds a box of decades-old love letters between Martha and Frederick; she becomes best friends with her new midget neighbor, Miss T; she falls in love with Hans, a very symmetric German exchange student; and she learns that sometimes life is what you make it.

But summer ends abruptly when she is forced to make a decision that will change her life. Forever.

The story—set in 2012 and the eighties in the sweet Seattle rain—is a celebration of life, love, friendship, motherhood, and that special bond of girls, daughters, women, and mothers across generations.

"Charlotte Roth caught my attention with the snappy chapter titles. She kept it with snappy dialogue, which I adore, unique characters, which I fell in love with, and a story filled with heartbreaking, humorous, and heartwarming moments.

It hasn't been easy for Eleanor, living with her tree hugging, 'hippie-like' parents. She's not happy when they move her from the east coast all the way to Washington state. After an exhausting cross-country drive with her parents in a U-Haul truck, they finally reach their destination, only to find the truck is filled with another family's belongings. After five days of being stranded with nothing of their own and limited funds, they finally decide to get some use out of the unclaimed contents of the truck. When they find an iron mailbox full of letters from 30 years ago, the two women in the family decide to read them. The tales of a young couple's struggles three decades earlier weave a complex and interesting pattern into this already interesting web of entertaining story line.

This first story of Ms. Roth reads like it's her tenth, with crisp, clean writing. I'm looking forward to reading more from her.

I give it 5 stars and high recommendations!"

Lori Leger, Author of Fictional Romance with a Cajun flair. Owner/Editor at Cajunflair Publishing

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