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16 year old Celeste Boyd casts Elemental magic. With the great battle coming, she and her best friend Gena are learning more about their abilities. Even more pressing, though, are the basketball finals and the mysterious new boy in school, Carter Wells. Celeste now has to choose between her crush and Carter, who is showing quite the interest. And then there are the crazy dreams with the huge dragon eye... More info →
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Ghost of a Shadow: Book One of the Sadie Myers Chronicles

Ghost of a Shadow: Book One of the Sadie Myers Chronicles

Is this The End of Sadie Myers?

Ever since tragedy struck her family one year ago, Sadie’s life has become a dark brew of unearthly visions and vivid dreams in which a mysterious shadow man follows her every move. Are all these bizarre happenings real or figments of this fifteen-year-old’s troubled mind? When she’s pulled into a world so different from her own, everything she thinks she knows is turned upside down. Will she find the truth behind these unsettling episodes? Can Sadie walk through the shadows, the fear of unknown evil, and get to the other side alive?

Editorial Reviews

“An otherworldly setting, grounded by irresistible melodrama and an unshakeable protagonist worth rooting for.” -Kirkus Reviews

"Ghost of a Shadow is something that is very hard to come by these days: original. .Ghost of a Shadow treads entirely new ground. The authors tell an innovative, engaging and thoroughly entertaining tale weaving two characters, and really two worlds, together seamlessly. Sadie Myers is someone everyone can relate to and more importantly, someone to look up to. She resonates with a genuineness and honest quality that was both refreshing and thought provoking. I enjoyed every moment of reading this book and in this topsy-turvy world, what more could you ask for? Sadie Myers rocks!" -Scott Young, author of Falling into Place

“'Ghost of a Shadow' is a coming-of-age story that seamlessly weaves reality and fantasy into a lovely tapestry. Curious from the first page, I cannot wait to see what happens next in the series.” -Stephanie Sommerlad Bello, author of Trinkett and the Legend of the Locket

“One of my new favorite Young Adult books this year.” -LM Hart, author

About the Author

Andrea and Leslie are two sisters collaborating on writing through obstacles and illness. It is an entirely new way to know each other while working on their mission of Peace and Empowerment. Andrea earned a culinary degree and worked as a chef and general manager for many years. She now focuses on her passion for writing. She writes short stories and continues to work on additional collaborative writing projects. Leslie earned degrees in Literature and Education. She taught elementary school as well as writing and technology to teachers. A successful grant writer, she later evaluated incoming grants for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. More recently she worked on her certification in Life Coaching. She's drafted four novels and various short stories. More info →
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