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Zhasou Pure

Zhasou Pure
How can I kill my own kids? Purple-skinned Sullrob could never imagine taking his loved ones’ lives, be they racially contaminated or not—but others prove all too eager to seize that honor.

Am I risking my children’s future? Peach-faced widower-dad Brog Pawligan tries smuggling to build a better life ground-side for his own “orbiter brats”—but what will happen to them if he gets caught . . . or worse?

“Abig big big peoples an’ li’l peoples,” says big brown-bodied Heilen Hewed about his burgeoning community, “peoples of ev-ree colors, afrom all over th’galaxy!”—but will the lethal aspirations of an interplanetary corporation steal this stellar chance to reclaim his wife and boy?

There where fuzzy weenshuggers sing in the pink light of dual moons, where prejudice and fear threaten to out-kill a deadly global plague, how can the ascension of one squeaky-voiced little Seeliot lad save billions of souls scattered among the stars?

It might just be time for a new breed in myriad colors to transform the ancient Celebration of Life—the recitation, ritual water, and tiniest pinch of pungent sweet granules from the exquisite purple plant that everybody adores served up . . . Zhasou Pure!
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