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When War Returns — The Beta Earth Chronicles: Book Three

When War Returns — The Beta Earth Chronicles: Book Three
Wes Britton’s sci-fi series, The Beta-Earth Chronicles, takes you to a world you never experienced in Star Trek or Star Wars.

The Blind Alien (Book 1) followed Malcolm Renbourn, a man from our world, unwittingly transferred to a parallel Earth and forced to adapt to new cultures and a new language while coming to grips with the loss of his sight. In The Blood of Balnakin (Book 2), Tribe Renbourn traveled to a new continent, where even stranger adventures awaited Renbourn and his new family on land and sea, as mystical prophecies were fulfilled.

The story continues in When War Returns, where everything changes for Renbourn and his Betan wives. To secure protection from assassins, the scientist-spies of the Collective, and the anger of an island liege, he accepts the title of Duce of Bilan and joins the Parliament of Alma. He bonds with a female Ducei, but unhappily discovers that she is Sasperia Thorwaif, an enhanced mutant with the startling strength of ten men and an overheated metabolism that fuels her resentment against lesser-endowed humans. As a result, she begins a campaign to destroy the Renbourn tribe.

Tribe Renbourn is also drawn into a brewing war against the Lunta of the New-Dome, a High Priestess wanting to force all Almans and immigrants to bow in obedience and conform to her strict religious orthodoxy. When the Prince of Alma, heir to the throne, wants to add a Renbourn wife to his long list of women forced to surrender themselves to his royal will, the foundations of their lives on Beta-Earth are shaken.

Can Tribe Renbourn battle a church, a throne, and a bond-wife bent on tearing them apart?

Join the adventures reviewers praise with comments like: “If you are looking for a unique sci-fi story, with interesting characters . . . then this book/series gives you something which the standard sci-fi novels out there don’t.”

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Malcolm: No one could share the experience we witnessed at Crater Bergarten and walk away without being filled with nearly overwhelming wonder. How could anyone not feel awe as hundreds of us, hand-in-hand, brown, blue, and one more or less red skin, surrounded that ghastly grave that had been my birthplace, at least as far as Beta-Earth was concerned? How could anyone not feel the hope of change despite the stench of rotting refuse rising from the bottom of that terrible pit?

Of course, Tribe Renbourn had just spent a year of nearly equally overwhelming changes. On one hand, our longtime advisor, Oja Bolvair, had legally bonded herself to our family as she feared her death was imminent from the Body-That-Eats-Itself, but serums drawn from my blood, or that of my children, had cured her. Strangely, she angered and resented not dying. We couldn’t understand this rage at all.

On the other hand, once the even more enraged Kin Salk learned his sister, Kalma, was destined to bond with me, Kin murdered my former wife, Bar, and himself in a fatal protest against the abomination of a brown woman sharing flesh with a light-skin.

So we had come to the Bergarten crater just after witnessing two funerals and the joining of the Renbourn and Salk tribes, events that set in motion great changes in the country of Balnakin. Yet these events weren’t the only concerns for my family. Moments after the astonishing ceremony around the crater came to a close, we learned the peculiar news that Balnakin security guards, their Secops, and our own special guardian, Noriah of the Willing Horse, had wrestled teams of would-be Arasad assassins to the ground during the ceremony. It seemed more than strange Arasad kept sending these inept agents after us, filling us with dread and accomplishing nothing but keeping us wary, alert, on guard. Of course, they only had to be successful once. Still, even such revelations could not distract Tribe Renbourn from the profound healing for our family, one tortured city, one divided country.

As we boarded our ship, the Barbara Blue, to sail home and depart Balnakin once again, my family also learned the power of that healing had revealed troubling new prophecies. Yes, Lorei had been given new haunting visions. In her mystic eye, she had seen a blonde-haired wild cub with the power to destroy us. She had seen a bearded-Prince grasping for us and then pulling back, his face full of horror, and stinking blood dripping from his fingers. She had seen an island and then a larger island and a large fleet of ships seeking new homes.

Yet, she wasn’t the only one granted mystical foreknowledge.

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