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What Remains of the Fair Simonetta (Book Two in the Remains Series)

What Remains of the Fair Simonetta (Book Two in the Remains Series)
Anastasia (Stacia) Uqualla has been dead for eleven years, residing as a spirit in the Italian Church of Ognissanti, when she suddenly awakens in the body of the renowned Renaissance beauty, Simonetta Vespucci. She reunites with Mariano, the father of Botticelli, whose ghostly presence has kept her company in the afterlife. Her journey through the Renaissance will also find her rubbing elbows with the young Leonardo da Vinci, Lorenzo de’ Medici, and many other Renaissance painters, including the awkwardly dashing Botticelli himself. With the body and raging hormones of a teenage girl, Stacia experiences all the passions in life a second time around. Take a ride through history in this second book in the “Remains” series by Laura T Emery, a light historical fiction with a sense of humor and a sexy edge.

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About the Book
Tags: Gold Bookworm, Veronique Poirier
Length: 342
ASIN: B0164U6D1Y
What Remains of the Fair Simonetta was such a wonderful story. I loved the concept of the reincarnation of the renaissance in 1476. Laura has written this story in the history of Simonetta who fell in love with Sandro Botticelli. The writing and how they spoke in the renaissance was so amazing and the imagination for the created characters was just… wow! I'm lost for words.

I particularly loved the chemistry between Simonetta / Stacia and Sandro, I felt every emotion and even cried! Looking forward to reading the third installment!
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