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Wendy Woo and the Dragon Eggs: The Gatekeeper’s Chronicles book one

Wendy Woo and the Dragon Eggs: The Gatekeeper’s Chronicles book one
When thirteen-year-old Wendy Whooten and her parents move to her mother’s childhood home to care for her aging grandmother, Wendy is devastated. She doesn’t want to leave her friends and school, and she hates the big old house her mother grew up in.

Her mom insists she will learn to love the quaint little town of Camelot as much as she did when she was growing up and that she will find ‘Old Bones’, as her mother fondly calls the house, a magical and special place. Magical got Wendy’s attention but soon vanished when the family car pulled into the driveway of her grandmother’s house. Magical was the last thing she wanted to call the big old house.

Wendy refused to get out of the car. Arms crossed and defiant, that’s where her parents left her. Two hours later, Wendy breaks and soon makes a fantastic discovery in her grandmother’s attic. A hidden secret sends Wendy and three new friends on a fantastic journey, changing everything in their little world into a real-life fairy tale.

Welcome to the world of Wendy Woo and her first adventure: Wendy Woo and the Dragon Eggs
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Wendy hurried up the stairs and then came to a full halt when she reached the last step. It was dark in there, midnightdark. She ran her hand across the wall to her right and smiled. A light switch. She flipped the switch and light chased the shadows and the dark into the far corners of the huge attic. It took up the whole third floor.

She looked at the ceiling. “A chandelier, in an attic…really?” Her eyes scanned the room. “Look at all the junk in here.”

Wendy threaded her way through a maze of boxes, old furniture, and clothes racks, until she was standing in the middle of the attic. She stopped at one stack of boxes and looked inside the top one… Christmas ornaments; the next box, baby clothes; the next, toys.

Wendy lifted a tiny stuffed cat out of the pile of toys and smiled. “You will have to do as a pet until I get a real one.”

She laid the stuffed cat on top of the box it came out of and continued her snooping. Bits of light scattered across the wooden floor, catching Wendy’s attention; red, blue, green, and gold pieces of a rainbow came from somewhere behind a rather large ugly bookcase.

Where was the light coming from? Not the chandelier behind her and not the bookcase. It was as if the creepy thing was trying to hide the source from her. Her gaze followed the strains of light, past the side of the bookcase to the back wall of the attic.

A stream of yellow, red, and gold splayed across her chest and arms when she stepped past the bookcase into a tiny space and looked up. An ornate, stained glass window stared back at her. Years of dust and spider webs and the bookcase hid most of the window from her, but there was something beautiful behind all this junk. Wendy just knew it.

“I used to play up here when I was about your age.”

Wendy stumbled and caught herself on the bookcase. “Jeeze, Mom. You scared me half to death!”

Lisa laughed. “Sorry, hon. I didn’t mean to. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Little Miss Muffit!” her mom squealed, picking up the stuffed cat.

“Was the cat yours, mom?”

“It was. Do you want it?”

“Can I, since I can’t have anything bigger than a fish?”

Her mom wrinkled her nose and pursed her lips. “You know your dad is allergic to pet hair, Wendy. We’ve been over this before.”

“I know, but I’m a growing kid. Kids have pets.”

Lisa tossed her the fluffy, black toy. “Here you go, sweetie. Treat her nice. She doesn’t eat much.”

“Very funny, mother,” she said, catching the toy. “When I grow up, I’m having a hundred cats and fifty dogs. You and dad will have stay at a hotel when you come to visit.”

“Ten minutes,” was her mother’s response as she headed back to the door.

“Hey, Mom, is it okay if I play up here?”

Her mom turned around. She studied the dusty attic for a moment and then smiled at Wendy. “Sure you can, honey. Nana won’t mind. Maybe you’ll find something my mother said was in this old house that I searched for until the day I left for college.”

Wendy looked around her but nothing she could see seemed extra special, except for the stained-glass window. “What would that be?”

Her mom stepped to the attic door. “Magic,” she said, winking and then was gone.

Wendy let out a deep, exasperated breath. “Magic,” she said, wobbling the stuffed cat in front of her face. “Kids don’t believe in fairy tale stuff these days, do they, Miss Muffit?”

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Wendy Woo and the Dragon Eggs

Wendy Whooten is 13 and not at all excited about moving. Her family is moving to her Grandmother's house in Camelot. Her mother tells her that she will love her Grandmother's house and all the secrets it holds.

Change is hard. Especially at 13. Wendy is stubborn and when she finally decides to get out of the car at her Grandmother's, she goes in the attic and finds magic. She ends up on a journey with her friends that opens up a new world for her. She learns how to believe in magic. I had never really heard of Camelot until this book and it made me want to learn more about it.

I liked this book and the fantasy in it. I read it in one day. I would recommend it.
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