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Trusting Jack (Unexpected Emotion: Book 1)

Trusting Jack (Unexpected Emotion: Book 1)
After a devastating divorce, Emma is picking up the pieces of her shattered heart and life. Her first step is reclaiming her old job as personal assistant to famous actress Norah Jackson. Work takes her to London, where she meets sexy fledgling actor Jack Brandon. The sizzling attraction is immediate and mutual.

Little by little, Emma begins to open her heart again. But Jack has a past, too. And it's come back to haunt him, wreaking havoc on their budding romance. Can Emma let go of the hurt and learn to trust Jack completely? Or is their relationship doomed to be a one act play?
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Trusting Jack (excerpt one)

True to his word, James walked Emma back to the booth where Norah was waiting and left to find his friend. Norah scooted closer to Emma and whispered, “Well?”

“He’s nice,” Emma shrugged, “and handsome. But he doesn’t make me think about sex.”

Norah laughed and toasted Emma with her wine. “Then we keep trying.” She looked up and smiled as James returned with another man in tow.

“Here we are,” James said. “I’ve brought Jack Brandon for introductions.”

Emma caught her breath as she looked. He was easily the most attractive man she’d ever seen. His hair was black as coal and curled just a bit over the collar of his black shirt. Steel blue eyes met hers, and when he smiled, she felt her stomach muscles tighten. Good God, she thought, now I’m definitely thinking about sex. The man is sex. She reddened slightly and swallowed.


Trusting Jack (excerpt two)

Her slurred speech registered, and Jack stepped back. Emma looked confused and reached for him again. He caught her hands.

“Emma, love, stop. Our first time shouldn’t be like this.”

“What d’ya mean?”

“You’ve had a bit too much to drink, darling. I don’t want to take advantage of that.”

Emma frowned, hurt flashing in her eyes. “You don’t want me?”

“I want you very much, so much that I’m aching. But I don’t want you to be sorry for it in the morning. I care too much, Emma, to take you like this.”

Emma understood some of what he was saying even through the alcohol haze. She nodded and pulled away. “I understand,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry.” She stumbled as she turned away.

Jack caught her before she hit the floor. He cursed under his breath as he carried her to her bed. He took off her shoes and slid her jeans down her legs. He gulped and felt himself harden again when he saw the triangle of matching red lace she wore.

He couldn’t decide if he was being a fool or a gentleman.

“I’m sorry,” Emma said again as he slipped her between the sheets. “Are we still good?”

“Oh, Emma. We’ve never been better. Go to sleep now.” Jack brushed a kiss over her forehead and quietly left.



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5 Stars – Fighting through the pain of divorce, as well as, mental abuse, Emma has a second chance at love. Naturally, she has trust issues that creates a barrier. Jack shows her what true love is, the kind that slowly chips away at the barrier until it is no more.
This is a heartfelt story of finding love again after a deep heartbreak. It begins with a passion between Jack and Emma that leads to the truest kind of love.

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I loved this book. Beth Hale is definitely going to be added to my favorite authors. Beth's writing is very compelling. I felt as if Emma is a friend and I was going through her ups and downs right along side her. From page one to the last page I was pulled into the story.

Very well written, witty, real life situations. I can't wait to read the next book.
I had a slow start with this, and couldn't find myself connected with the characters much and it felt fairly predictable. With that being said, I am still a sucker for romance and enjoyed the plot over all, in fact I related to it.

It was real and heartbreaking, growing with Emma from the bottom of a broken heart to learning how to start over. The friendships displayed were some of my favorite, and made me long for conversations with my closest friends.

I especially recommend this to anyone who has ever had their heart broken and had to learn where to go from there. I look forward to reading more novels from this author, even though it was a rocky start for me, it ended with a bang. :-)
Trusting Jack, was an intriguing read. I had a hard time putting the book down to do my daily routines. Beth Hale brings us deep into the characters' minds from different POVs and doesn't let you down with an HEA.

I must say, I adored James in this story. He's so straight forward and made me chuckle throughout the book.

Beth did an amazing job in bringing American language paired with London. Emma has trusting issues from her ex-husband and just when she finally trusts another man in her life, whom she falls in love with, he breaks her heart unintentionally. He will do anything to get the lovely Emma back.

I adored this read and can't wait to read more from this author.
If any author knows how to pull a reader in with the first few pages, it's Beth Hale. Oh boy, she knows. I gaped with this start. It left me speechless.

Beth Hale has a simple yet appealing writing style and the fact that this book is told in the third person makes this a different and very smooth read.

Trusting Jack is the first book of the Unexpected Emotion series and tells us the story of Jack and Emma.

Emma saw her world collapse on the night her husband asked her for a divorce. She was a confident, happy and fun woman but after what her husband put her through, her personality changed dramatically. She let uncertainty and sadness gather blackness over her heart. When we hear repeatedly that we are not good at anything we tend to believe that that is true.

Jack is a well-known actor. He loves his profession and has a golden heart. He was hurt in a past relationship and because of that he doesn’t believe in love or happy endings anymore.

Both Jack and Emma are alone, with so much sorrow in their hearts that they don’t think they can surrender again to the pleasures and joys that love can provide. But when they get to know each other sparks fly. But is it too good to be true? Can they love again? Can they risk getting hurt to find happiness again?

I loved the fact that this book focus primarily on love. But like any good story, not everything goes well because betrayal, evil and selfishness are well present. The sprinkle of comedy and hot love scenes made this story a definite page turner.

I thought I was going to have a quiet, easy read; but then I was hit by a bomb that left me shaking. I loved this book, I just loved it. And now, what will I do, you ask? I will now start to read the second book and hope it's as delicious as this one was. I give this amazing book the golden worm!
In Beth Hale’s book Trusting Jack the author has created characters so realistic they practically walk out of the pages. From the first chapter where Emma Payne is betrayed by her cheating husband Ryan, I liked her character. Although she was devastated by his infidelity and subsequent abandonment, she takes steps to pull herself together and move forward with her life. Supported by her gay friend Chris and encouraged by her mother she returns to the job she had before marrying Ryan; assistant to world famous actress Norah Jackson.

Traveling to Europe with the actress for the filming of a “period drama” Emma, a history buff, is thrilled. Once in London the women have the opportunity to enjoy the city for a few days before the filming begins. After a flurry of shopping they go to a local popular dance club in the evening and fortuitously run into James Wyley and Jack Brandon. It turns out Jack is also starring in the movie and James is his best friend. Jack, an Englishman, is instantly attracted to the girl from the American South. While James flirts shamelessly with Emma he notices Jack’s interest and volunteers to step aside should the actor want to pursue her.

Emma may be attracted to Jack but her recent pain makes her wary of entering into any kind of relationship. What she doesn’t know is that Jack himself has had a recent romantic break up and he is also cautious.

The story flows beautifully as the relationship between Emma and Jack grows more serious. Behind the scenes Marcus Reynolds, want to be actor and assistant to starring actor Roger Agnew, lusts after Emma. She is unimpressed with him and deflects his very forward advances. In spite of this he continues to believe she will eventually give in to him.

This is very much a character driven book. The relationships between all the characters are well defined and develop in a realistic manner. Hale does a great job of dialogue, keeping Emma true to her Mississippi roots with occasional lapses into Southern dialect. Meanwhile all the British characters also use phrases and terms that are common in England. This sets yet another realistic tone to the story.

I found this book to be an enjoyable and well written romantic story. While Hale does kick it up a notch toward the very end with an unexpected violent act, it is smooth and transitions comfortably. I highly recommend it to readers who like a solid love story with a fulfilling if somewhat surprising end. It’s a pleasure to award Trusting Jack a Gold Bookworm.
This particular love story had twists and turns that I definitely did not expect, especially toward the end. The characters were easily pictured in my mind and their personalities were infectious. Without a doubt, you knew who to root for. At times it was a little slow-developing in the story line but definitely made up for it toward the end. The author did a great job on her first novel. I will be waiting for her subsequent titles to be released.
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